Top 5 Worst Companies to Work For

In the ideal world, every company and organization would be a pleasure to work with. But not everyone has the fortune of working for Apple or Google, where top talent is headhunted, treated like a prized asset and protected from poachers. The reality is that many workplaces, even those of some of our nation’s biggest brands, are in actual fact awful places to be. If you are searching for a new job, then be wary of this bunch!

The Home Depot:Home Depot has legions of angry consumer as well as employees. Home Depot used to have qualified personnel to provide expert advice. They essentially canned them all to hire cheap labor. After firing all of their decent staff, they took or severely cut back any worthwhile employee benefits and incentives; merit badges worth $20 each, tuition reimbursement, dental, employee discounts, Christmas bonuses (now just a coupon) credit signup bonuses etc. Several sites host complaints by disgruntled employees, from the Consumerist to

AOL: From training employees how to charge credit cards of those trying to cancel their accounts, to censoring or firing employees that stand up to their ethics, AOL has, is, and probably always will be one of the worst places to work.

Best Buy: From forcing employees to practice questionable ethics, to flat out manipulation by managers, Best Buy has it all. Their management system is reportedly structured to the point that there is no accountability; the blame tends to go downward, ending up on the floor employees who work the hardest. Years and years of complaints have been logged at various websites online (including the now defunct

McDonald’s: If this is your first job, fine but if it’s your second job, it just sucks to be you. McDonald’s is host to incompetent supervisors where mediocrity is looked up to, but never quite achieved. The educational level of even the highest echelon of store management is about the end of high school and will likely teach you nothing except how to manage stress. Hopefully this will force you to strive for a positive exit plan.

Verizon: They destroyed the lives of 33 pilots to save retirement expenses – just one example of their business practices. Freezing pensions by email is another. Additionally the poor top-down management has caused some of the lowest moral ever in a company.

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  1. says

    I worked for a divison of The Home Depot (HD Supply/Brafasco)

    Let me fill you in on how bad it really is. If you every wanted to know how it felt to work under a bunch of ego driven managers that think only of them selves and have no leadership abilities, or have no clue about the industry they’re in. Please feel free to get a job with HD Supply/Brafasco.

    I am not sure why they don’t see that something is wrong with management. Their Ego’s must be in the way. Since January of 2007 over 15+ employees from upper management to regular staff have quit. Somethings wrong and it’s not the staff.

  2. says

    Customer service rep is worst ever – 50 hour weeks with no breaks and lifting tires twice the size of you, only to get laid off with 12 other people in the district because they didn’t make sales at the turn of the new year. Do not work for these guys!

  3. says

    All I can say is that this company is about making money, not providing quality education. They are way more concerned about not getting caught breaking the law than they are with following the law.

  4. says

    This place is so unprofessional. They have a revolving door employment system, don’t train employees well, have a very poor sales team and model, extreme disregard for customers, and it’s run by mainly poorly educated, sub pro management.

  5. Brian says

    Add Synnex Corp to this list as well. Probably the biggest scam company in the IT sector. The company is always changing policies to save money and recently changed their pay plan to a draw, where they basically dock your wage from your commission. This wouldn’t be a bad thing if the commission plan was good to begin with. I basically sold close to 5 million and revenue and netted a $600 commission check. They’ve even got so cheap where they monitor you shutting down your computer each day to help lower their energy bill. Plus you get micro managed to a tee. You basically have to keep a log of everything you do everyday.

    • Mike says

      Can’t believe CVS didn’t make this list! Consistently rated in the bottom 15 in the country, and always rated worse than all the above!! Someone isn’t doing their homework!!

  6. says

    They do not tell you that if you do not make your quota they will cut your pay. Low morale, idiots for managers, bullying, etc. All decent managers leave in short time. Associates accountable for everything even when instructed by their leaders. Just a lousy environment!

  7. Kris says

    QUILL (owned by Staples) is absolutely the worst company. You have to account for every minute. Take 1 minute extra for lunch and you get scolded even if you came in 10 minutes early and don’t get paid for that time. Take a sick day (that you are allowed!) and “it’s held against you” when it’s time for a raise (which isn’t much to begin with!!) But, best of all….work for them for 30 years and they say “oh, it’s cheaper to pay people in South Carolina than Illinois, so we’re moving and you’re losing your job.” Bah! Buy your office supplies at Home Depot!

  8. says

    Fiserv Lending Solution Formerly General American Corporation (GAC). This Company is a terrible company for Appraiser because if you make a manager mad they will refuse to pay for all your long hard work (this happens all the time). They do not properly train their employees but are quick to fire people, very bad turnover, terrible moral you have to be a serious brownnoser or a women to get anywhere in this company (very few Men or Minorities in Management). This company is ran by a lot of childless women with no compassion for common folks who have families or even lives, they mandate employees to work overtime every week even when business is slow, they do not allow sick employees to stay home or go home. The company does not contribute any money to health insurance insurance, raises are small and rare (sometimes annually if you are lucky), does not give their employees that talk on the phone all day headsets, tells you that you will get a Christmas bonus than a week before Christmas you get a nice email stating that your nice Christmas bonus $600 just got donated to charity.

  9. says

    Just came across your website and wanted to let you know about the horrible experience that has been to work for a company by the name of Grip Marketing (Get Mail, Inc.) here in Atlanta, GA. It’s not just been me, it’s everyone that has gone through that company. I had been trying to get out of there for the last year and now I just got layed off. No severance, no nothing.

    They never put anything in writing (for their benefit), and if you had to sign a contract with them, they would not even allow you take it and have it reviewed by an attorney.

    We had no benefits whatsoever. We were verbally abused constantly by being called names (dick, bitch, etc) by the officials of the company and at times sexually harrassed… showing porn movies, stacks of Playboy magazines in the bathrooms, etc, etc, etc. I’m contemplating in filing a civil law suit against them. Not to mention… most of the software programs there were pirated, and they are a publishing company, so I could imagine the consequences of that.

    People out there (professionals, employers and clients in the industry of direct mail, marketing and advertising) need to avoid this company and its two officials. We have to spread the word so that other people don’t get emotionally hurt and damaged by these two individuals.

    • Anonymous says

      Don’t even use your real name so lame. Doubt you are Einstein sure don’t sound like it. Here is the thing there is no team any more any where it is divided and conquer. Like my husband says it is like pork chops you go they just get another pork chop.

  10. Anonymous says

    Add TruGreen Chemlawn to the list. Who cares about sustomer retention? They don’t- it’s all about the new customers and taking them for all their worth the first time around.
    management is another name for “powertrip” and they definetly use that to make the employees feel inferior. “Break ’em down to build e’m back up”-that’s their management theory.

  11. says

    I was working for Verizon and had a non work injury. The supervisor was calling my house and harrasing me back to work. Verizon had legal threaten to fire me multiple times while I was off including sendind certified letters to my house; when I did return about a month later, she wrote me up in a yearly review for being injured. When I reluctantly went to HR, the full Verizon legal machine went into action. The same supervisor then started changing my employee records and manipulating sales records under my name. When I again brought this to the attention of HR, they could not find that the supervisor did anything wrong; and in fact, she is still working there.

    I left and it seems that the good people just jumped off this ship while they keep unethical people working there.

  12. John says

    Unfortunately, I have experienced much of what is stated above at many companies. I believe it to be the wave of the future. There is no loyalty towards employees anymore. It is all about the bottom line, numbers. Companies have sacraficed customer service and knowledgable employees for cheap labor. Managers being hired from outside the company that do not have a clue about the jobs their underlings are doing nor do they care. As long as the numbers look good they look good. If management only understood what a very little bit of reward would do for morale and loyalty. Customers will hopefully soon stop settling for the nonesense and demand more therefore requiring companies to retain, reward, and promote good employees.

  13. Dmystify says

    I work for a Metropolitan Water Utility, and am beginning my 26th year there. 6 years ago, there was a change of Personnel in top Management. Things have gone downhill ever since then. We went from always being a Revenue Producer for the City to over $50 Million in red ink in the last 6 years. Employee Morale is at a 35 year low. If it wasn’t for the Union Job Benefits, many of these caring and knowlegable employees would’ve left long ago. Management is currently trying to cover their “assets” with both hands over hiring a Consultant for $300k w/o proper approval from the Water Board or the City Common Council.
    The Front-Line Staff has been saying all along how to fix the problems, but Top Management consistently refuses to take them seriously. The Mayor is upset, The Common Council is upset, The Board of Water Commisioners is upset, The 200,000+ Customers are upset, The Utility Staff is upset. It’s only a matter of Time before the top positions in this Organization are summarily fired by the Mayor.
    And Good Riddance!

  14. JamesHarmon says

    The truth is that your 5 worst probably would be somebody else’s 5 best outside of the US. The rest of the world haggles the price of everything, and each ‘consumer’ would gladly push their own grandmother out of the way to save two cents on a crusty pair of used socks. They accept that Price is king, and that Quality and Service are indentured servants. We (on the other hand) want, what we want, when we want it, at the price we want at–with up-to-the-minute top-quality technology, and flawless, english-speaking service…yesterday. An educated consumer doesn’t need to rely on the poorly-operated businesses; it needs to take control and consume them. Buy only sale items at the worst locations, and save your really devoted purchases for those that provide all-around quality service–which in the end will always save you more money regardless.

  15. fuggitaboutit says

    Verifone – one of the worst: it’s a sweatshop, the bosses are bullies. One boss will scream at you until her face is purple, then the other one threatens to take you “outside”! And do WHAT? I swear that beotch beats her husband and kids too. HOrrible, abusive environment. What an awful place to work in. STAY AWAY.

  16. says

    I worked at home hepot expo in san diego for a year, and it was Horrible! The management was so terrible, constant backstabbing and immature actions, talking down to employees. I have NEVER worked at a store where everyone I knew hated their job, and especially not when there’s 200 people working there. The store manager there is Horrific, home depot is absolutely terrible, expo most definitely included!

  17. Joseph says

    STOP with the BS. Turn it around and it’s your money. Companies small, medium and large are getting sick and tired of hiring people who cannot adjust to changes in the system. Change is going top happen. Get your self a degree stop complaining or just showing up for a dam paycheck and get to work. Than open your own company, let’s see who is the first to say something.

  18. Coleen Johnson says

    Best Buy gets the top for me, was a geek for a year, a FEMALE geek with 20 years computer experience and they pushed me to sell because actually DOING MY JOB-ie; HELPING CUSTOMERS WITH THEIR COMPUTER PROBLEMS-thus making them happy and more apt to buy more products was NOT what they wanted me to do. I proved it over and over again by disobeying the bosses and actually helping people who bought computers from 20 year olds who bragged about the $ amount they sold. I helped one man who wanted to throw the computer AT us, I spent 25 very quality minutes with him and he turned around and bought 2500 dollars worth of home entertainment equipment. Trouble was, he got NO HELP with that. He came back to me, luckily my background is extensive in electronics and not sales and once again I pulled their butts out of what could have been a return of all products. Still, they sent me to sales conventions and I told them to shove it and quit.

  19. Anonymous says

    i would love for you to add CAREMARK onto your list. if anyone knows who caremark is you’ll need no explanation Beware caremark employees CVS is after your jobs, they already took Mather Ca away.

  20. Marcos says

    I have to agree with Brian above. SYNNEX is a terrible company to work for. Not one bt of positivity comes out of managements mouthes. Nothing is ever good enough for them.

  21. John says

    Totally disagree about Verizon. The management is great, people are top notch. Plus, they have a tuition assistance program for Partime employees of $4,000 and Fulltime $8,000. Not to mention a great online resource center with thousands of programs including technical. Yes, they froze the pension plan in the USA, but they really beefed up the 401(k) plan and match program. I’ve worked for both small and large companies and the US Government– Verizon is one of the best in my opinion.

  22. Anonymous says

    Koch Industries took over Georgia Pacific and is driving away good, experienced, loyal employees by the hundreds. Check the want-ads – Koch can’t find people to fill the positions – noone wants to work for them. Too much has happened to go into here – suffice it to say that this company doesn’t have a clue how to operate the company they overtook. Managers who have no experience in the industry they have been put in charge of, employees blamed for management mistakes, intimidation tactics, buddy-system hiring(and firing), incompetence abounds at the corporate level. Why won’t they sell the GP segment of the company to someone who cares? They are driving it into the ground.

  23. Anonymous says

    John Smith you quoted: “I worked for a division of The Home Depot (HD Supply/Brafasco). Let me fill you in on how bad it really is. If you every wanted to know how it felt to work under a bunch of ego driven managers that think only of them selves and have no leadership abilities, or have no clue about the industry they’re in.”

    Brother, you have no idea how right you are to a degree. I worked for Brafasco for 8 years, and have seen a lot. I watched this company with so much potential go for a dump. “Too many Chiefs not enough Indians” has always been it’s problem, everyone knew it. When the corporate juggernaut (Home Depot) took hold of the reigns, all hell broke loose with back stabbing and politics galore. And believe me when I say John, you guys weren’t the only ones feeling it. Try being in a conference call every month with the director, your boss, several other upper management teams in what I would call a witch hunt. Your sales could be up 10% but your GM could be off as little as 2% (vise-versa!) and you’re getting flogged! If it wasn’t about the numbers, it’s your associates. Or how about having your boss micro manage you for 6 months and then ignore for the second half of the year. I could go on, and on. Believe me, I like to think myself as business savvy, I do understand that to a degree this is their job, but scare tactics never produced results and being shunned for speaking your mind kills confidence.

    Not all of them were useless. Speaking for myself, I worked 12 demographics, numerous cold calls, sales meetings, meet and greets, seminars. Eat and sleep the industry I was in. I knew my job, my products, my competition and most importantly my associates. Mind you not everyone had the level of commitment I had. I bled Orange, John.

    I’m glad I left though, the stress, lack of fairness and unrealistic expectations was driving me to an early grave. This company is going in the toilet. And it’s sad, there was a time when this company was great to work for.

  24. says

    Home depot USED to be a great place. Nardelli, who was ceo but now joins chrysler, left GE after not getting Jack Welch’s job. It was all downhill from there, since nardelli brought with him the backasswards corporate strategies of GE. I.E., me first, employees last, shareholders dictate everything. Fake efforts to be safe through days of training, simply to put the blame of an injury on the injured. more responsibility, mandatory “poor performers”. Its al B.S. When you work for a big company, you HAVE to put yourself first, thats the survival kit!

  25. says

    If you ever have the chance to work at VINE or Sala-Sabor de Mexico in the Virginia-Highlands…DON’T DO IT. This company has an owner that claims to be all about family, and yet has no regard for any person that works for hard for him.

    This man purchased VINE in March and Sala from the Fifth Group in July. He came into both places with smile and a somewhat alarming smarmy act like he really cared. You want to believe the phony little creep, so you do, and later find out just what a selfish, lying fake he really is.

    When he purchased Sala, all of the employees who had been working for that company (some for 5 years!) lost their 401K plans and their health insurance. he had the fifth group sign some kid of contract that they wouldn’t ever hire any of the existing sala employees again. then, he immediately fired the bartender who had been there for 5 years because she was upset at the loss of her former management.

    He then began firing at both restaurants left and right…firing people who had been at both places for years and had given their hearts and souls to their restaurants for no real, substantial reason. in the last month there have probably been about 6 or 7 of these firings. Many people feel that their careers are ruined because of this.

    If numbers are down and things are not the way the owner wants them, he “fixes” the situation by finding a scapegoat and firing them. Of course, he fires them after he gets them to unknowingly train their replacement, promising them future raises and financial success in the process (for instance the GM at Sala.)

    He pays his management staff so poorly, that he forced one of his top employees to get paid under the table so that she could keep the extra money that would have gone to taxes. He said that it would only be for the summer and that he would give her a raise in the fall. He had her purchase a computer for work stating that he would pay for half of the bill. All the while, he was planning on getting a couple of servers to do her job for about the same price (because they’d still be serving and would attain income from it.) He then fired this woman with no warning, no pretense, no compensation for the new computer, and no thanks for her hard work.

    He promises kitchen staff raises and never gives them. He fired the “cleaning lady,” as he called her because he could never remember her name, for no reason. She is pregnant and has 2 children and a baby on the way. Her husband has worked for VINE longer than anyone. He was also promised a raise and never got it.

    He talks about Mexicans like they are not even people and then goes and buys a Mexican restaurant. Nice.

    These places are going to hell in a handbasket. Even the Fifth Group and Paul Jordan were better than this. The positivity we used to have has just moved to negativity and I can’t wait to get out. I’m looking for another job before this man fires me, too. In fact, most people are trying to find another job.

    Getting fired has become the running joke around here. We all live in fear of termination because we are all dispensible to this man. He’ll probably sell these restaurants within a year anyway.

    We used to love this place. He has killed everything that was good. I guess that’s what you get when an idiot that knows nothing but numbers takes over a small, independent neighborhood restaurant. What a shame. I miss my friends and the great people who really cared about VINE and Sala.

  26. Nirvana says

    OCM who sell slop to college campuses for funraisers, are by far the worst. All the management there have horns, but they have great smiles.

  27. BSB says

    Providence Health & Services is the worst. The core valuesa are God’s love for all and Stewardship of employees. They do not practice what the preach and have consisent turnover.

  28. Tim says

    McDonalds is a terrible company to work for. I unfortunately did time there. I go so called training on how to make the different food items. When I got evaluated, I got written up because I did it wrong, and I did it the way I was trained. I told off the twit who trained me, and I told her she was the worst trainer ever.

    I later told the shift manager she has no business managing anyone. I quit a week later when I got a better paying 2nd job.

  29. Anonymous says

    I would have to say Dollar General. I been working there for two years. They closed my store down and than sent me to another store which in a couple months also closed and than they sent me 1hr from my house without giving me milage. They said that we would be getting a new store which was to be built in July of 07. Its now October and we are finally moving in it, but I won’t be. I have to stay at the hr store for I don’t know how long.

  30. Anonymous says

    Also to add to this. They pay managers below what they should be getting for the amount of work they do. They alot down, but never pay and never give us enough hours to get what they want done.

  31. says

    They are very very poor at training you for product knowledge. Every time I asked a manager if I could do some training on the computer. They always said no. Then they turn around and talk amongst each other behind my back and on my 89th day I was fired for poor product knowledge. They claimed that my customer service was bad. Well, in my opinion, if they trained me, I wouldn’t have that problem. They are cheap because they don’t want to pay overtime, If you have as little as 15 minutes of overtime, they make you go home early, so they don’t have to pay you. They don’t want to pay to train you and worst of all, when they let me go, they paid me in cash because its cheaper than processing a check. Now thats what I call very low

  32. Molly k says

    Please use file complaints with wage and labor, EEOC and any other state or federal agency you can think of. These bastards cannot get away with unfair and often illegal business practices. Find a good lawyer and litigate the pants off of them. CEO’s are raking in millions and millions while the middle class jobs are going overseas or across the border. Wake up Americans the enemy is not in the middle east. The enemy is in our greedy corporate board rooms.

  33. says

    What a bad company to work for….They don’t appreciate there employee’s. They over work there staff, asking them to do more then they asked and then not paying them appropriately. Also, they have put there employee’s in harms way with chemicals with no information on them and what over exposer will do to them. Under paying, No Appreciation for hard working employee’s and hazard est work enviorment ….BAD all around.

  34. Anonymous says

    butter LONDON – What a bad company to work for….They don’t appreciate there employee’s. They over work there staff, asking them to do more then they asked and then not paying them appropriately. Also, they have put there employee’s in harms way with chemicals with no information on them and what over exposer will do to them. Under paying, No Appreciation for hard working employee’s and hazard est work enviorment ….BAD all around

  35. IbleedOrange says

    Home Depot were number 1! Take that Lowes! Home Depot stock in Jan. 06 = $41.00. Today $28.00. When your stock drops 30+%, you might start to get the idea that something is wrong. And if you look at the customer sat numbers, you will find the smoking gun.

    If I could not do a better job running H.D. after 1 year, I will let you kill me. It’s all about the customers you dumb shits. Make them happy and you will prosper.

  36. Jack says

    Lebhar-Friedman should be added on the list. They had me do a freaking drug test, a computer test on Microsoft suite that’s dated back like 1994 and make you do 5 hour test online on algebra, geometry and your personality. The test had nothing to do with the job as an Administrative Assistant. They pay nothing and they have classes they offer to employees but if you decide you want to do one, they say no, by saying it’s not in the budget. The HR specialists in the NY office are full of themselves. Everytime you speak to them, they give you a look of how dare are you talk to me, don’t you know I’m better than you. Also, I never did sh*t at that job. Both of my bosses were never around. One was always traveling and the other off at a bar watching baseball for 3 freaking hours. They both came late every morning. 2 hours late. Everytime I asked for work or a project to do, I was told there’s nothing for now. If I initiated a cool idea or a project you can start on, they had to ask every boss whether or not it’s okay to do, and it always denied. I did nothing in that company. I was paid nothing just to waste time. I asked what my real purpose or responsibilities in the job, I was never given a straight up answer. The company has major turnovers and last year there was major layoffs and rumor has it there’s gonna be another one. The company is definitely not for a younger generation. The company is very old. I’m young and I needed out. Very few are promoted and if someone got promoted is because they’ve been there for 10 years. The company is stingy and I mean extremely stingy with money. If you want coffee they have you pay 25 cents and they are extremely cheap on supplies, like paper, pens and pencils.

  37. Anonymous says

    I work for Best Buy and I love it. Our managers rock and our sales team is even better. How do they possess questionable ethics? I go there day after day and work with the customer to fulfill their needs…whether it be a $300 laptop or a $1400 desktop. It doesn’t matter. Every single person I work with knows what is expected of us and we do it. It’s not like we are force fed some cheap salesman tactics to somehow trick a customer into buying something. We learn strategies to make a customer understand that you need Anti-virus protection on this laptop or that Geek Squad can install that stereo system for you if you either don’t have the time or the patience. So…where exactly are you getting your facts from? Probably lazy employees who know nothing about retail or never had a real job. That, or customers who don’t understand that what we do, day in and day out, is hard. Juggling 3 or 4 different customers while trying to make sure everyone gets what they need is hard. Get the facts right or just be quiet.

  38. Anonymous says

    GM Ac Delco in Ohio one of the worst warehouses of GM to work for, discharges indivuals for standing up for work ethics, harasses and intermediation of employees -union and salary, changing data and numbers to fit plant managers, and hr persons needs, not training general foreman and supervisors before placing them in management postions. The lies, the work place, and the environment is horrible.
    Making up lies about others, and treating people with disrespect is an everyday thing there. Working for other divisions of GM was great but this plant was very stressful and very disappointing. Asked to lie and change data was wrong, and lying about others in order to get rid of them is done daily. Work ethics is important but not in this plant.

  39. kristen says

    You can add Braintree Eye Associates in Massachusetts.

    The Dr. that works there cut my hours. There was no sick time and he lied to me about the retirement plan there.. You think bosses are supposed to support you. Ya right I was harrassed on the job by patients (sexual comments)and I was the one written up. I was threatened by the Dr.’s office manager but he didn’t have the balls to face me. (COWARD)!

  40. Anonymous says

    JoAnn etc…They have very unethical business practices, DO NOT have anything framed there, you will be ripped off, we were trained on how to do it. The management treats you like dirt, like you were twelve or something, the way they talk to you is beyond degrading. No full-time positions exist, only to a few select ass-kissers no matter what they tell you in the interview. That way, they don’t have to pay benefits. But they do expect you to work your butt off and get they same amount of work done in half the time. Very poorly run. The morale is horrible and turnover is very high. Gee, I wonder why?

  41. Bresheri says

    Lacks Enterprise in Grand Rapids Michigan with serious ethics issues. Think about it Lacks invested in a Cancer Center hospital and still they allow smoking inside their facilities.

  42. Richard says

    I have also had the plesure of working for Onyx Waste Services at the pinellas county landfill,I do have to agree that they are a really bad company to work for,If the general manager and supervisor dont like you they discriminate against you,they go out of their way to try to make you quit, if you dont then they fabricate a reason to fire you,then when you file for unemployment they lie there way out of it with the help of talx services, I STRONGLY RECOMEND not to work for this company.

  43. says

    this company allowes discrimination and encourages it! if you dare complain or bring it to anyones attention BEWARE! they are a shady company to work for or buy a home from. they have a lot of lawsuits pending from buyers to employees, it’s just a matter of time before they are exposed… BEWARE

  44. says

    You should add The Bon*ton to the list as well.
    1.The managers could care less about their employees
    2.Lack of help, espically the holidays.
    3.The customers are snobbs.
    God for bid they leave their coupon “in the car” they pratically want to kill everyone in sight (its not like there isn’t a coupon every day). The atmosphere is very negative. Shouldn’t shopping be fun? Not for that store.

  45. says

    This company sucks. They are located in Beverly, MA and thier HQ is in the UK. They treat the employees in the UK better they have a pension plan.

    Here in the US they don’t offer 401k and direct deposit even though they said they do when they hire. They messed up their credit. They said they don’t have financial assistant.

    They give vacation days but question when you take one and reprimand you when you do. Oh when you are sick they don’t send you home… also they lie about the job requirements.

    They have set a lunch and break time. All employees have to go at the same time. Shoot I think is better to work in a factory than to work there.

    If they don’t like you for any reason they fire you without a warning. They don’t even know anything about HR especially since they don’t have one.

    Also they rip off their customers. They sale online ad space for their online fake magazines for about $3k to $12 and they don’t even have the audience. CUSTOMERS BEWARE!!!!! The ads are not worth it… trust me.

    here are their sites

    Stay way Americans, stay away… you will loose your hair, time, and even money!!!!!

  46. employee #7263514 says

    I currently work for Coinstar, which offers a coin counting service via over priced machines, and also recently purchased multiple toy crane companies (for whom I work).

    We don’t have set shifts, you work til your done off of a hourly wage. Sure, you do recieve overtime, but there’s no gurantee of a 40 hour week. Also, and more irritating, this company is so unorganized that I haven’t recieved a paycheck at the same time in the past 3 months and usually there’s an issue with hours worked. Lunch breaks are looked down upon, regardless of federal protection. We’re under staffed in many areas, and untrained to pick up the slack left by posts unattended. Our corprate structure has changed so much that there’s minimal communication between the different levels of the latter, thus only adding to the choas that they call commerce.

    During disagreements with the stores in which we operate, the company will sell out there own employees to keep even the most unproductive contracts. When you add all of this with overpriced and under satisfying medical insurance and a vehicle maintence firm that doesn’t want to pay for the upkeep of our eqiupment, it makes you want to cry. Yet, they still have the nerve to deny raises and constantly “warn” (threaten) lay-offs.

    I’d advise not applying for any Coinstar company, which includes. Coinstar, Coinstar CES/Sugarloaf and Red Box DVD Rentals.

  47. Anonymous says

    Worst Companies to work for in London Uk:

    Newsfax International

    Bunch of lowclass assholes and the CEO is a greedy money hungry ass that promotes gossip and racism within his company.

  48. says

    the worst company to work for is Scott Reams Virtual COrporation. He and his clown Margarett Langstett couldn;t find their way out of a paper bag. Scott steals proprietary information from clients then calls it his Intellectual property. He makes people work on their days off and gives them nothing in return. FOr christmas, he gave a whopping 100 Bone-us with the words, office expense on the check. What a FRAUD. THe cou-de-gras is that this Jerk will yell at you, yes yell at you because he is in the wrong. What a Jerk, stay away from Virtual COrporation. Oh, and for the profit scharing that we passed on our anual raises for, he tells us, you recieve 2/3 this year, and a 1/3 has been designated for next year. DO you smell rip off. Greedy Jerk off

  49. Best Buy Employees says

    Definately the worse place to work at. They force you to basically lie to consumers. Not to mention if you have problems with management they banned you from the store for no good reasons.

  50. Joe says

    Hy-Vee is a terrible company too, we have a money grubbing store director that wont buy anything to increase easier flow of work, anything to have a bigger bonus check. Yea Doug Overlee suck it!

  51. says

    Cedar Point [In Ohio its a amusement park] IF you do the fallowing and ONLY IF. Other wise it was an okay place and really didn’t have that many problems. Its not a huge pain but…well…normal pay but free entry into the park EACH day to ride the rides? The bosses were kinda lazy but didn’t yell, didn’t talk down and answered any question I asked. So these are WARNINGS for you. Cedar Point is nice UNLESS….

    1. Agree to live in the housing BY the park when at around 10 PM each night they have a Firework and big screen TV show each night for about 30 min’s to maybe an hour I don’t remember. Ask if they have that each year you work if you like to sleep early.

    2. That you don’t know any of the places around the park like where the mall is where the places to eat are. Also you need to find a bank to cash in your check [90% sure about this] So make sure you know how to drive even though there is a….

    3. There is a bus that drives around the park to outside housing to the mall. If you have trouble reading a bus timeline then GOOD LUCK. Buses can be abit early or late but not CRAZY time to be a problem. But the bus will be your only way around and its on a set path [normaly] each day. Good luck getting back home if your stuck at the mall.

    4. You bring nothing to entertain you on your brake/day off. If you don’t then you will have to depend on the park to keep you busy. So if the park makes you yawn then its your problem.

    5. They might hire too many workers…I check the time line. Someone had…NOTHING to do for 7 days…zip nada. That means no pay…so watch out for that.

    6. No free food unless its a special day [Free movie of 007 on the HUGE screen in the park with free home cut french fries as an example normaly like one fun day each month.]. It was 1.50 for a egg sandwhich. Small prices but still you have to pay for your food. Best to get a mini frige and get the smallist food you can.

    That’s about all the problems I seen. So remember this is JUST an warning more like tick off things then worse place to work at. Easy to join and easy to quit.

  52. Anonymous says

    I have worked at Home Depot in the past, but I’d have to say that my manager must’ve been one of the better ones. They’re not all bad (as can usually be said in cases of generalizations), but I can say that putting that apron on felt like slapping on a yoke, and it was one of the most boring jobs I’ve ever had.

  53. Jason says

    Ask any Toronto teenager, and they’ll tell you Canada’s Wonderland is one of (if not THE) worst places to work. I would assume this applies to most theme parks in general.

  54. says

    I recently held a credit analyst position with BAC and after returning to work from Maternity and Child Bonding Leave, the day I was scheduled to return I was told there was no position for me and that I had 30 days paid to find another job. During my pregnancy I was treated very unfairly and giving higher goals when about to leave to have my baby. They lied to employees about our reaching our goals saying that we had reached them thats why our incentive was harder and paid less but in reality we just found out. No one hit the actual goals and the incentive was changed to save the company money. The are horrible to customers and employees and only care about the bottom line. Based on their practices I think that they will fall through in the next few years, with my fingers crossed.

  55. Kev says

    Any list of worse places to work wouldn’t be complete without a mention of CVS. I worked in a store that had 8 different managers in the three years I worked there, for reasons including: theft, sexual harassment lawsuits, mental breakdowns, general incompetence, etc. Most of the non-full timers were drop-outs, drug addicts, alcoholics, etc. Pay was low, raises (such as the yearly) typically had a six-month delay, upper management would frequently short hours, etc. I stayed just because the store was close to campus and I wasn’t really depending on the money, but I feel sorry for anybody who has to work there for a living.

  56. says

    I once worked for a company called Eemerge in new york city. While the office manager was a wonderful, hard working woman, everyone above her was a complete assclown. After forgetting a tie one day I got chewed out by one of the managers insisting how important it was that everyone maintained a professional image, yet he rarely wore a tie, and most of the other managers rarely looked professional. They also would ask for suggestions, I’d mention an idea, they’d tell me that it wouldn’t work at all, send me off to look for cost options to get what they want done, and once I’d spent two days on the phone, they’d simply go with my original suggestion, but pretend it had been their idea all along. I was getting a feeling I was going to be replaced (I was put there by a staffing agency so getting a new job wouldn’t be a huge chore with enough notice). When I asked several of my bosses if I should call the staffing agency about getting a new job, they all said ‘No’. The next week when I was out sick I got a phone call telling me they’d replaced me and that I wouldn’t need to go back there on Monday. A very unprofessional group, don’t work/give your business to them.

  57. says

    Travel Solutions, Inc. – horrible company to work for. No training, very snobbish management- a very ME-ME-ME environment. Management doesn’t allow comments or suggestions; no discussing work with co-workers!????? I could go on, but suffice it to say, if you have a choice, never work for them. They are based in Columbus, Ohio.

  58. anonymous says

    I am currently involved in a class action lawsuit against Mastec/Advanced Technologies (The DirecTV install contractors) for back pay. That is one bad company to work for. I also have had the privillage to work for Best Buy. Lucky me right? All the horror stories you have heard about working there are not true…… its worse. I was denied a promotion because i did not hang out with the managers at the local bar. Im not joking.

  59. Don says

    I worked In IT Operations at 3M for over 38 yrs and experienced nepotism, the director said, “I will kick your ass”, to me, a manager used the “F” word to me twice, another manager I had never held a technical job in IT in his life and had no back ground in IT so the only thing he did was screw over good people. From what I saw in my career I am qualified to be a CEO, companies please contact me to be your CEO, or to hold an executive position.

  60. says

    If you want to know what means to work in hell, you should work in RTX (Rapid Transfer Xpress), this is a San Diego, Transportation company it really sucks how thier CEO treats people.

  61. says

    I work for Ingram Enterprises subsidiary, Ingram Barge and they’re a great company. Pay us good wages, plenty of bonuses, breaks as we need them, and plenty of vacation and sick time. Fell sorry for you guys, haha.

  62. Zoomer30 says

    I agree with the AOL one, I think my sister is still trying to drop that piece of crap. At some point they will get the BBB on them, then they will get to dance.

  63. Elia says

    I’m sorry, but in response to the one person bashing TruGreen: maybe your branch wasn’t all that great, but working for TruGreen has been the most fun I’ve had ever in a job. Great sales team atmosphere, non-stop laughs and some of the best results-driven managers I’ve ever had.

  64. Chad says

    Gamestop, Inc. While I’m sure not every Gamestop is like this, as I’ve heard from employees of the chain in the midwest that they’re not as zealous, Gamestop in Southern California is ridiculous. Like any other retailer they care about up-selling, but more importantly the main drive was Reserves and Subscriptions to a ridiculous magazine. Why? Because in their “circle of life”, it means repeat business. Even when you’re in an outlet mall where “walk-ins” are inevitable and reserves/subs are unlikely due to walk-ins being tourists. Management skills and proper training mean nothing so long as your reserve/sub numbers look great each day. Promotions are strictly based on such, while shrink loss and overall store condition is an afterthought until higher management comes in to check stores. This along with our store practice of altering time sheets to fit the hour requirements allotted by management. There’s only 4 hours worth of overtime allotted each week and more than likely you’ll be cutting into lunch breaks or staying after because there’s not enough people in the store to properly cover the floor and cash registers or your boss comes in an hour late. But you won’t get that overtime because your boss is busy “adjusting” the hours worked at the end of the week to fit the hours, while he gets the overtime allotted whether you worked more than 8 hours or not in one day. Your boss will always take Sunday off (since he’s a church-going man), and more than likely Saturday, which are the busiest days of the week a long with Friday.

    Couple this with a egotistical District Manager that will call you each hour to verify res/subs and will write you up for not meeting the minimums of 15% Res/10% Subs so he can look good for his Regional which will in turn look good to Corporate, even though you only earn $7.90 an hour (which is respectable in most states, but is minimum in Cali) and earn no commission for such a highly demanded skill of selling people on tacked on crap.

    Furthermore, justifying trading in games for a reasonable price based on market value but then selling it for 3 times as much right in front of the customer doesn’t help either.

    I won’t say every store is like this, but they had so many management quit last year because they weren’t meeting sales demands that they had to change tactics and stop the zealotry on res/subs and switch it to trade-ins. Couple that with several lawsuits pending across the US in regards to management overtime pay, and you have a typical retailer with high employee rate turnover, which is probably a problem on both ends of the totem pole.

    Some will say I didn’t care about getting people to res/sub. I guess bringing in your own $500 Mini-screen and taking the time to download multiple game trailers to my iPod and then showing customers the trailers and explaining the games rather than just talking my way into a reserve indicating it’ll be the hottest title ever wasn’t acceptable. My way didn’t show up in my data, so therefore it was inferior to just displaying the boxes on shelves and correctly informing the customer into reserving the game.

  65. says

    Xanterra Parks and Resorts- the pay is not good to begin with, and it does not get any better- every year you have to go through an annual review, which your manager is told not to make too positive. Irregardless of the outcome of the review, everyone gets the same base rate pay raise of a whopping three percent. Lots of long term employees and supervisors make pennies an hour above a grunt trainee for twice as much responsibility.

    While housing is provided, basic maintenance is too much to ask for. A rusthole in the stairs at my apartment was looked at by the head of housing and he commented that the stairway would last another 10 years. Peeling paint and warped wood are common. No one seems to know how to clear ice and snow from anywhere. Though rent is cheap, it is not free, and people deserve safe/respectable housing.

    The company does not recruit very many Americans anymore. Instead, international students come for three or four months as cheap government subsidized help. Many don’t speak enough English or to be helpful to guests or take direction. As soon as they leave, a major staffing crisis ensues.

    Nothing is provided for in terms of meals/drinks. Recently, a memo warned employees that taking of coffee from a certain area would be treated as THEFT OF COMPANY PROPERTY! Even food that can no longer be sold can not be given to employees- it absolutely has to be thrown out.

    All employees areas are in dilapidated condition, and equipment to work with is often briken or run down.

  66. Matt says

    You forgot one:
    The Chicago Bears. $30 days during Training Camp winds up to be 2 dollars an hour. Six hours of sleep a day and terrible food. Room and board only adds $500 (approximately) to the over all $900 check, before taxes. That is still a grand less than minimum wage.

    Did I forgot to mention we don’t get paid for home games? That is right thirteen (give or take) hours of a Sunday gone for nothing… oh and they hardly feed us.

  67. BBY SUCKS says

    LOL they got to, now it advertises These guys will stop at nothing to get your hard earned dollar, like trying to sell you services you don’t need, especially in home services which are just there so they can get a crack at selling you more stuff you don’t need. Look up what a complete solution is and ask yourself if you need even 3 out of the eight things on the list.

  68. says

    I have one for you. Rapid Refile in Pa. The boss is a spineless man. The girl Tracy working in the office has manipulated and lied to get not just me, but 3 of us, fired. The girl I replaced was fired for being late a couple of times by 3 minutes, yet the office skank comes in 45 minutes late and leaves 1 hour early . The skank brings her kid in (this business has machinery) occasionally. Now mind you she is a temp worker like me and the others before. All of us where told we were trouble makers, and so on yet the man who owns this business doesn’t have a clue that we were just a threat to her and the fact that she has no idea what she is doing. Pretty soon this guy won’t have anybody to fill the orders for his clients since she will get rid of them all.

  69. Anonymous says

    I am surprised that you did not add Pfier to your list. Horrible HR practices, treat employees without respect, no diversity and promotes racist leaders. Currently all leaderst that get ahead are political yes men and women and incredibly mediocre. Lie to employees and are so not open adn not fair and out only for themselves. Completely backward and old fashioned HR policies with incompetents in the various roles. Questionable ethical policies and laying off people in droves. they force you to sing a confidentiality agreement before you get your money and that is why no one complains. You should take them to task.

  70. says

    American Power Conversion is one of the worst places to work for!!! The global services division and Tiger team members are out to screw the field service workers. On call 24×7 and not paid fair wages for it. back stabbing managers with no brains on the real world!!! NEVER WORK OR BUY PRODUCTS FROM THEM!!!!

  71. says

    If you ever have a chance to work for Nike, don’t. Especially in the IT area. There’s this dictator type of Director that works there who does not have a clue what it takes to run his area – he came from customer service. He has a huge ego, and all of his friends that he hired, who work under him, are worse than he is.

  72. kevin says

    ONYX WASTE SERVICES at the pinellas county landfill they are one of the worst companys to work for they are a discriminating company and i agree about the fabrication for reason to fire to get out of paying the unemployment
    the general manager couldnt tell the truth if it ment his life, he is two faced,if he dont like someone their time is limited, he fires people for things others get away with,he is a real piece of work

  73. David says

    I’m rather shocked that Wal-Mart isn’t on this list. Though I must admit, it depends on the manager running the store and not so much as the company itself. It’s just a sad fact that most Wal-Mart managers do engage in questionable ethical practices. Examples include discrimination against women as well as against people with disabilities and chronic illness. I was once an assistant manager and witnessed these things first hand. The truly sad part is that these managers received a pat on the back from home office for engaging in said offenses.

  74. Anonymous says

    U.S. Steel Has to be in the top 10. You are treated like a convict or slave. Every one there can tell you how many years; months; and days untill they can retire.

  75. Cathy says

    I have to add Swainsboro Technical College to this list. Talk about mismanagment of public funds, unethnical behavior….its all here!!!

  76. Anon says

    I worked at IKEA in Tempe, Arizona for around six months, from February 07′ to October of 07′. It started alright, I didn’t care about how much I worked because I wasn’t going to school at the time. The company seemed alright at first, they seemed to have good health care and benefits, such as tuition reimbursement, which is why I applied.

    After a few months, everything started going downhill. For one thing, this company ALWAYS, ALWAYS downsizes. I almost never had enough help on the busy days (Friday-Sunday), or when it does happen to get busy on a weekday, I couldn’t get any help. Most of the time, nobody was available to help. I would often have to make customers wait for a ridiculous amount of time so I could deal with the other twenty people that are still waiting. The company never hired enough employees.

    Secondly, the management here is a joke, at least at my store it was. The only manager I though that was at all capable of working with new co-workers was Diann. She was the only person that I felt didn’t speak to us like we were human beings. I had two other managers, Tillie, and Erwin. Tillie, a woman who talked to everyone like they were five, and my main boss Erwin, who was much worse. In July of 07′ I asked my manager, Erwin, a month before the college semester would start, that I needed to reduce my hours from about 40 to 25 for school. Erwin said “That would be fine.” and gave off the impression that it was no big deal. After signing up for classes, and with the semester soon approaching, I was still scheduled for 40 hours a week. I spoke to my manager Erwin again, and he basically ignored my request, as if he wasn’t able to hire anyone to help. After continuing to bug him about it, he still ignored the issue, and I had to cancel my classes. I now regret that, and I wish I would have just not shown up considering my manager told me it would be fine.

    That’s not it either, and this tops the list of the all time stupidest things I’ve experienced working retail. At my work, we have two adjustable desks. They adjust up and down to make it more comfortable for the co-worker. I’m fairly tall, or at least I was taller than many of my co-workers, at 6’0. I usually raised the desk to my height so it would be comfortable for me, right? Anyways, one day, someone unplugged the desk, so it wouldn’t go up at all. After hunching over all the time, I got fed up and tried to figure out what was wrong with it(I didn’t know it was unplugged at the time). While I’m fiddling around the desk, my other manager, Tillie, tells me not to mess with it right now. Later, when nobody is around, I find it’s simply unplugged and I just plug the desk back in and raise it. Well… get this, my main boss, Erwin, tells me that since I plugged the desk back in I could be fired. I figure he’s joking around with me, and I just leave the desk up. Later, Erwin takes me into his office and gives me a warning about RAISING THE ADJUSTABLE DESK. I find this ridiculous, and I argue with him about why he doesn’t have anything better to do, and basically ask him how I am doing anything wrong.

    Eventually, I get written up, which includes the horrible act of adjustable desk raising on the written warning. This disqualifies me for tuition reimbursement. I’m very upset by this, I find it outrageous that I worked so hard at this company and this is what I get for that dedication.

    The ONLY people I ever liked there were the co-workers. All of my co-workers that I can remember seemed like decent people and were more management material than the current management. When I was about to leave, I made a big fuss to HR about how poor the management was and the problems I was having. Honestly, HR seemed about as incompetent as my management. They didn’t really seem helpful at all. Thankfully, about the same time I left, one of them, Taylor, I believe was promoted to management.

    Months later, I found out from an old co-worker, that my manager Erwin was demoted. BIG SURPRISE! My old co-worker even told me that the place was still downsizing, I have a hard time believing that’s even possible, but no way in hell am I going back to check.

    You may ask yourself why I wrote all this. Well, I really don’t want anyone else to experience what I did.


  77. says

    I spent roughly 6 months working for Client Logic as Earthlink Tech Support. They want you to either solve the clients problem in under 10.5 minutes (time averaged thoughout your shift), give them a couple of simple things to try (then they are forced to call back), or unscroupulously blame their OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or their Operating System (Microsoft Windows / MAC OS) in order to just get them off the phone. Every Hour we received emails listing everybodys average call times so people started finding better ways of getting people to get people off the phone. If you actually try to help people like I did (I have an IT education) they get on you about it. Then after all that they sent our already low paying jobs with no real benefits to India. If you have Earthlink and wonder where that great friendly service went you have Earthlink and ClientLogic to thank for that.

    I never really had issues with McDonalds, was much better than Burger King.

    And really I don’t know how Wal*Mart didn’t make their list, they suck.

  78. says

    I work for a company that has the good ole’boy syndrome so bad that when there is a good manager that comes along(i.e. one that treats you like an adult)the people at the company drive them off. If you think that Dennis Koslawski was the end of corruption at Tyco International you were completely wrong. I think that it is worse now by tenfold and getting more and more bold and brazen.

  79. says

    Their stock are down 300% over the last few years, they had a land deal fall through, and now they are firing employees and fighting not to pay unemployment. Pitiful. Chicos FAS is one of the worst corporations to works. They are located in Fort Myers, Florida. They are a womens apparel manufacturer.

  80. Jay says

    Barnes and Noble. At least in LA. blows in ways you can’t imagine. they will only hire in as parttime at base pay which is a joke above min. and they they will drag out upgrading you for years so they don’t have to pay any benefits. they cut back hours so they have one sales person covering the work of 4 and then berate the sales staff for not answering phones fast enough, not helping every frigging customer. the managers are so cheap and insensitive that they ignored a sales contest going on during the holidays and cost their staff a potential $125 that wasn’t even coming out of the store’s money. not to mention just being total jerks. it’s not a shock their final numbers are higher than Borders. Borders (where I have also worked) spends more money on treating their staff right

  81. says

    Let’s not forget The Orange County Register and it’s parent company Freedom Communications! These companies offer demonstratable proof of the hell that Libertarianism brings in it’s wake and the doo-doo philosopy that it REALLY is!

    They claim to live by the Golden Rule – which is true if you’re referring to “He who has the gold makes the rules.”

    They should just hang a sign above the Employee Entrance of every Freedom Communications company that reads: “Abandon all hope ye who enter here – welcome to the 7th circle of hell!” and be done with it. At least THAT would be honest and not hypocritical!

  82. says

    Work 40 to 50 hours a week with no benefits and still considered part time. Plus they can’t even pay a living wage. Even if you have experience. And no benefits or pay raise at all if you work other departments.

  83. says

    They employed an export sales manager to develop European Sales and spent three hours grilling him over his first mobile phone bill when away on business, MD used to be a transport manager, Sales Director used to be a works manager, on the first anniversary of the sudden death of the lab managers son the MD somehow forgot this fact and dragged the fella into his office ( known as the Kremlin) and gave him such a grilling! An employee off on extended sick leave due to stress and anxiety was sent repeated redundancy letters in a desperate attempt to avoid paying out a few extra £££££ when rules were changing a few weeks later. Quotes include “Our customers are treating us like a f**king shop” ( MD), “remember your customer can never be your friend” (Sales Director)

  84. emcee says

    To all the good employees:
    if you worked in retail I will encourage you to check out USA Dept of labor; we have been cheated of Overtime,even if you were paid “salary” Once you determine you have a case,look for an attorney that specializes in Overtime…if you have already,start making copies of your overtime hrs and NEVER TRUST HR personnel,they work for the company. Also, Google: Overtime vs.Electronic Boutique in CA,also do Rite Aid,Walmart,StarBucks,etc
    Know your Rights…Good Luck

  85. Markus says

    I think the point here is that everything is relative to whom is telling the tale of good/bad of a company. I’ve experienced both types: the ones that complain because they don’t want to work so anything that impedes on them they complain about. Also, there are the ones that complain because they’ve legitimately been wronged or are just another victim of the “bottom-line” way of modern management (as in only caring about the bottom line – and their own personal profits). I have also experienced this for myself as an employee of many of these companies – crazy hours, physically & mentally-draining work for low pay.

    Yes, times have changed and many seem to have trouble with adjusting to changing times, and yes there are people that care more about “what’s in it for me?”, rather than “what can I do?”, but that’s on both sides of the aisle – employees as well as employers.

    Unless there’s a change in attitudes on BOTH sides, the trend of hiring the cheapest, bottom-of-the-barrel labor (whether in the U.S. or U.S. companies hiring overseas help), cost-over-competency or quantity-over-quality – however you want to say it, is going to continue.

    Requirements for attaining a good job are getting higher and more finite – what used to get you the better paying job before barely gets your foot in the door nowadays. The better-paying jobs require at least a Master’s Degree AND it must be in something that the job market demands – NOT what you personally want to do (unless you enjoy doing what is hot in the job market.) Bachelor’s Degrees gets your foot in the door, and Associates & below degrees gets you the working-class jobs that people in this list are complaining about.

    It not always practical or even feasible for someone to just “get a degree” in something in order to get a better job. I myself had a hard time obtaining just an Associates Degree at night while working full-time to pay all the mounting bills from years of low-wage retail jobs that have NEVER given any hope of promotion no matter how hard you worked.

    I feel for both sides – and something has to change on both sides before we, as a country [U.S.], can move forward toward better quality and happier employees & employers.

  86. Joshua Peterson says

    I’ve noticed that a lot of these comments are all pretty extreme in one way or another. Home Depot couldn’t beat a Wal-Mart as far as employee turnover and morale; The average Wal-Mart Supercenter has a 92% Turnover rate. Less than one out of every 10 hires will stay with the company beyond 90 days. Here’s an example: out of everybody I was in orientation with [a total of 6 people], all but two of us were gone within 90 days, and the last one was fired– I’m the only person left, and this is approximately a year later.

    I think what it breaks down to is you *not* leaving your personal life at the door on the way in. By “personal life”, I mean that you’re walking into these jobs expecting someone to care when they won’t; it’s business, they won’t care about how their decisions affect you. The minute that you start looking for approval or appreciation from most of your employers is the minute they start telling you how bad you are on the job — every mistake you make is somehow “larger than life”, you’re not as reliable as so-and-so over yonder, etc.

    What I suggest to all of you is to remember that a job is nothing more than that. You start your shift; you end your shift; you leave. If you get hired on at a job for 40 hours a week then are expected to work 60 hours a week, I think you need to assess what questions you’re asking your potential employers during a job interview. There are some extremely important topics to cover on your side that most people forget about:

    1. What is the average starting salary or pay for an employee of your skill in the company you’re applying at? What benefits are available to you as an employee, and when do those benefits kick in? Does the company issue bonuses to their employees for good productivity, and do they calculate their bonuses by the overall productivity of the company/store or by the individual employee? How often does an employee have an opportunity to receive a pay increase, and what factors does the company consider to be important when determining a pay increase?

    2. If they did hire you, would they be willing to understand you have commitments [sp] outside of work and are only able to accumulate overtime when you notify them it is a possibility? Can they accept a strict 40-hour, 30-hour, 20-hour schedule? And if not, can they make accomodations to your responsibilities outside of work [i.e. family, financial, social, etc.]?

    3. What do they believe their company needs to improve on? [Don’t settle for “there’s always room for improvement, they need to give you an actual issue their company faces yet has no implemented solution for; every company has at least one.] How does this issue affect the turnover at their company? What are ways you and this potential employer can work to prevent this issue from affecting you on the job?

    4. What is the general morale of the employees? [Not management, the employees] Are most people generally happy or generally disappointed with having to come to work at this company? From the company’s perspective, would the disappointment be due to unreasonable actions taken by the company, or personal issues of the employees themselves? Can the company give you an example of a complaint you’d hear most often from other employees, and what they think the solution is?

    5. Can you expect management to be consistent in their wants and needs? If you’re being managed by more than one person: are there clear lines of communication between the managers? How would they rate their ability to follow an organized, group plan? If they can provide one, have your employer explain a time they strayed from a group plan, and the effects of that action.

    6. Do they provide full training for the position you’re applying for? [“Full Training” meaning that you will only have to happen upon minor functions on the job that you did not learn during training.] Can they show you a training plan for their new employees? And who in their company would be more-than-capable of teaching you things you didn’t learn during the training program?

    Now, some major questions to avoid:

    1. What is the reason most employees quit? [This will put your employer on the defense, which can almost guarantee you won’t get the job.]

    2. What does the company look for in people for promotions? Are most promoted from within or hired from outside the company? [You are just starting at this company and should have no ambitions to be promoted before gaining some experience. Your potential employer will view this as you getting ahead of yourself.]

    3. Do not ask any questions pertaining to public complaints about the company. [Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Home Depot all have web sites dedicated to former employees who have disdain for these companies. Do not mention to your potential employer *anything* that you have read, seen, or heard about the company that could be negative.]

    4. Don’t ask any questions pertaining to the company’s ethics or values. This topic is covered quite well on lists of the best questions to ask during interviews, but you will usually not be happy with the answers either way. Shoot for the job then observe how the company runs itself, treats its clients/customers and employees, and handles quality control once you’re there.

    Just remember, guys: A job is a job, a career is a path. Never attempt to apply yourself at something you don’t plan to be long term; in other words, don’t look for a job, look for a career.

  87. says

    New Employees –
    Fire people often especially if you’re a new hired – Beware, you may be fired after 3 months probation. They don’t inform in advance. They will just call you before you leave for home and will tell you not to come again on the next day.

    Freelance Contractors –
    Beware, they take forever to pay. You’ll have to be after them all the time. It may take more than a montth to get paid and worst part is, they don’t accept their mistake. If you don’t go after them for your money and you’ve left the company, you may not get your paycheck at all…LOL

  88. anonymous says

    Callnet Call Center Services is a horrible company to work for. Their attendance policy is strict as it should be for an emergency call center but they go to the point of being unrealistic and unethical. They are constantly short staffed. This is an answer service which means not only is it hard on the employees but they lose business for their clients by losing them customers on a daily basis. Can you imagine calling a suicide crisis hotline for help and having an operator take your message and tell you they will reach someone right away and you get a call back finally an hour later. As an employee you are dispatching several ER calls and short staffed so you are doing the best you can but you get behind especially during very busy times of the day. This is not an ethical way to do business. You just have to hope the person isn’t going to hurt themselves in the mean time! Can you imagine having to leave work to take your child to the ER and getting a message from your manager 2 hours later saying they are worried about the 5pm rush? What employer expects you to leave your child in the ER and go back to work? But I did, I had to. Unfortunately these things aren’t illegal in Indiana because your employer can fire you at any time for any reason so if the job pays better than others in your area and you have a family you just have to eat @#&^ politely with a knife and fork everyday. The worse part for me was talking to clients daily trying to make excuses why it took so long to page the plumber or the Dr. In the mean time someone’s basement is flooding or your child’s temperature is rising and it’s no fault of the company you called for help because they haven’t even been made aware of your call yet. Next time you call a company or a Dr’s office after hours for ER help, if you don’t get a call back withing 15-30 minutes make sure that you tell whoever does finally return your call that their answer service sucks. Often they don’t know unless you tell them. I had excellent attendance aside from being late a few times usually due to working over the night before or being called at 3a and told to log into the system and take calls from home because they were busy. I missed a partial day due to illness and received an email entitled “Team Work” the next day. I felt like I was the poster child for team work. On top of this I was working and I was still very ill. I gave my notice logged out and went to the ER. 7 years of this abuse was enough. I had been to sick to go to Dr and I was told that I needed to do so outside of my scheduled hours which wasn’t possible. I had let it go to long and at this point they had to give me 4 liters of fluid to hydrate me. Isn’t this still America? When are people going to speak out without fear and make companies like this treat their employees like human beings. I feel that if you devote yourself to a company and you are there they need you they need to do the same for you. I watched this go on for 7 years at this company and not once did management get the clue that this is why they have such a high turn over. It is especially concerning when you are losing your core people because of poor management styles. Instead they continue to employ the same management people who have caused them to be perpetually short staffed due to unethical decisions and treatment of employees. I was lower management. Their were only a handful of upper management but they had their children in the break room while they were working almost daily during spring break or after school. I had received a call from my childs school that I needed to pick my child up because she was ill. I was managing the shift so I couldn’t take off work the rest of the day, and as a single mom I had no one to take care of her. I had to pick her up and have her wait in the break room for several hours. This was the first time my daughter was ever in the break room. Our vice president was out that day but my manager told me that when she returned she would be unhappy that I had my daughter in there for so long. What was it then I was supposed to do? I wasn’t allowed to leave work. As with most situations there you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. This is no way to run a business and if you are a client or employee of theirs I would suggest that you detach yourself from them asap for your own sake and your customers.

  89. Melissa says

    I’ve worked for Best Buy for the past four years, and I absolutely LOVE IT! I’m a full-time college student at CSULB, tackling 18-units, and working full-time at Best Buy as well. This company pays for my tuition, my books, and I’m proud to say as a college student I’m making 40k+ plus bonuses AND benefits. (And NO, I am not even a manager.) For a job “just to get me through college” I would say that’s not too shabby. But above all, this place is an awesome enviroment to work at, the line-level are friendly, the managers are understanding and supportive, which I believe is more rewarding than the pay. I highly recommend Best Buy to personnable, intelligent, fun, college students. Do I plan to work at Best Buy for the rest of my life? I wouldn’t mind. But that’s never been my plan. But Best Buy has given me amazing business skills that I can take almost anywhere.

  90. says

    Add West Corp. to the list,these racist people have issues with african americans who don’t kiss people’s tails.The EEOC will definitely hear about the problems going on in that company.When the owners of the company are that way what makes you think the employees won’t be that way.I’ve heard some horror stories about this place now that I’m gone,it’s unbelievable.Believe me,they are not all that they seem.

  91. says


    Why did you come out here in the first place? The thing that gets me about people like you are, you come to a site like this, maybe you have never had a bad experience on a job dealing with butthole employers.

    Well, maybe you never had a job because you don’t have to work. whatever the case might be
    snapperhead, if you don’t have any employer related complaints or bad experiences, take your ass and find you something constructive to do with yourself.

    I really don’t care what you do, just long as you just GO AWAY!
    Don’t go away mad, just go away!

  92. Anonymous says

    I’ll have to second the comment about CVS.
    It is clearly the worst job I have ever had. I keep it out of pure desperation. Jobs are very, very hard to find in my area.
    I was promised the world at my interview, 7 months later I am just a minimum wage cashier. No training, no raises, and people hired after me making more and working the job I was hired for.
    It’s humiliating, soul killing, and the MINUTE I find another, I will tell CVS where to go and how to get there.

  93. says

    Wise and Healthy aging is the worst company to work for hands down. They seek master level employees and offer high school diploma salaries. They are run by childless women who have no campassion for their workers. All they care about is how much money thecan skim for their bank accounts and thoae of their freinds! They hold mandantory meetings and tell the employees to bring a dish to share-pathetic…

  94. says

    ADD (SCI)SERVICE CORPORATION INTERNATIONAL TO THIS LIST!! With an 80% turnover rate they will keep the incompetent managers and get rid of everyone who talks about the problems caused by the incompetence. This company is the BIGGEST provider of your loved ones funeral/cemetery needs and they are unethical!! BEWARE consumers and employees. A “career” with them will last maybe 2 years!!

  95. says

    I agree that Service Corporation International is among the WORST!
    Once you start bonusing you will soon be fired, they are similar to a fly-by-night vacuum cleaner sales business, but they are entrusted with your family funeral arrangements! Employee turnover has always been horrendous (but they do keep the incompetent general managers and market managers) They change their compensation plan constantly so as to keep ahead of paying bonuses.
    EMPLOYEE BEWARE! Consumer beware!

  96. says

    The Navy Exchange in South Carolina. They break every EEOC rule and treat the employees like slavery is still legalized. They hire people on false pretences and horribly threatened peoples jobs with verbal profanity and disrepect.AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COST.

  97. Angela Ortega says

    Let me add another famous company to this already long list. The famous QuestDiagnostics, could care less about their employees they allow Doctors and their staff to insult their employees with the worst offenses.
    As an employee you are to take any kind of offense lightly and kiss up to the client without regards to your feelings.
    If you try to vent at work you are repremended for demeaning the company, at this time of economic hardship people get up from their desks and quit in the middle of the day because they can’t take it any more. Working for QuestDiagnostics have been the worst mistake I have made in my career, I can’t wait until my new career as an accountant takes off, please if anyone reads this and is in need of a freshly out of college accountant, help me get away from this famous company who supposedly cares so much about humanity, in reality they could care less. CASH IS ALL IT MATTERS.

  98. says

    It use to be called and considered a coffee shop, now, they are referred to as MCstarbucks, I lasted only a year. Worst job ever, no support and no management backing. Too bad. I was excited to start as a “fun” job, but ended as a nightmare. Avoid working and going there for your own sanity.

  99. says

    You need to add Safeway(Kroger) to this list. I am an accounting professional who simply wanted part-time work. I lasted 2 days. Safeway recruiters promise higher wages but in reality when you are hired, it is minimum wage. The lunch rooms are disgusting, if you get one.. I don’t think I will ever shop there again.

  100. says

    Seriously you guys? Best Buy? McDonalds? Get over it. I was a Yellowstone National Park Employee, under the pseudo-government Xanterra Park and Resorts(according to Forbes the 3rd worst company in the united states to work for). Like yours, it has poor management, and it isn’t particularly exclusive in who they let it. However, it is Federal Property. Which means, anybody? Federal Minimum Wage. 7.25 for a full time employee, unless you happen to have a high paying job, such as a manager, or a waiter, you will pull around 350$ every two weeks. Not only do you get paid not much for a lot of work, we have the dumbest customers. You may think that electronically challenged customers may be bad, but how about several thousand people on vacation. There is a joke that city limits exist so that tourists can check their brains at the door, and pick them up on their way back.
    So for those of you working at MciyD’s or bestbuy, shut up, and get over it. And don’t whine about your states minimum wage. You are making a hell of a lot more than me.

  101. Julie says

    Don’t be fooled by the name, nice building and beautiful location of its headquarters (Coral Gables, FL)….Del Monte Fresh is NOT a good company to work for. For starters, the pay is horrible and to make things worse, raises are offensive. They sponsor people for their work papers so they can have them by the balls and pay them horrible wages. Their benefits are a joke and you have to be with the company at least 2 years before you get a parking spot. Management uses scare tactics so you feel like you have no job security. The HR department is not there to protect the employee, but the company itself (even with sexual harassment claims)

    The company does absolutely nothing for it’s employees, they even go as far as cancelling the yearly holiday party because according to them, they are facing economic problems and times are tough. Yet in 2007, they had revenues of 3.55 billion and a gross profit of 364.90 million!!

    It’s no wonder people refer to it as Hell Monte

  102. says

    Lifetouch Studios a nationwide company should be added to your worst company list. They treat most of their employees like they aren’t human working them awful hours, use unethical practices, call their company family oriented when it is anything but, and lately tell employees they can only be paid for x amount of hours but they expect the amount of work to be done as if they were on a 40 plus schedule. Of course thats only the employees that were not put on layoff so that the company didn’t have to pay them holiday pay…………..Executives and lower management however did not feel the recession crunch…….Hey but its a family oriented company…..

  103. says

    Stay away from Cleveland Foodbank

    They are all about politics and not about feeding the hungry.

    They also are very racially motivated–black hunger centers are fed before white centers

    Definitely in the business for the wrong reason


    Give to charity –not these phonies!

  104. says

    Onyx waste services is the worst company to work for, they misstreat their employees, they discriminate,
    against you, they lie to you, lie to the county,lie to DEP,and they lie to the state of FLA. They display favoritisim,they are a world wide company and they are aloud to get away with murder, they use their corporate power to
    practice wrong doing, dont waste your time working for them, they dog you to the max and then get rid of you through false statements and lies.

  105. says

    I work for Interstate Bakeries Corporation. They supposedly are just coming out of chapter 11 bankruptcy. I still think they are ready to shut their doors.

    They really don’t deserve to be in business. They are a scrooge company. The Union is very weak at best and is totally worthless in my view.

    The management takes no responsibility of any kind and just blames the workers of their choosing for all their ills.

    The moral problem is at an all time low there they hire only convicted felons there now because any decent citizen has heard of their labor practices and doesn’t want to bother applying there. Not only that, for every convicted wacko they hire, they get a tax break from the government. Pretty sick, huh?

  106. says

    I work for Interstate Bakeries Corporation. They supposedly are just coming out of chapter 11 bankruptcy. I still think they are ready to shut their doors.

    They really don’t deserve to be in business. They are a scrooge company. The Union is very weak at best and is totally worthless in my view.

    The management takes no responsibility of any kind and just blames the workers of their choosing for all their ills.

    The moral problem is at an all time low there they hire only convicted felons there now because any decent citizen has heard of their labor practices and doesn’t want to bother applying there. Not only that, for every convicted wacko they hire, they get a tax break from the government.

    If you read in the classified adds about a company that supposedly pays well and offers good benefits, but is always looking for people in the classifieds, chances are that’s a red flag.

    If they always have an ad in there all the time, you can bet they don’t keep their help very for very long and all because they treat their good help like garbage.

  107. says

    Add to list worst company to work for. If you in the CLICK you have it made otherwise you might as well QUIT. They treat you like dirt and expect you to work your ass off for minimum wage. The company sucks!
    Don’t even think of applying there.
    BEWARE…I’m telling you in advance from past experience.

  108. says

    This company is a joke!! You go door to door and worst of all it is only commission. This is why they have soooo many postings for jobs!!! That’s right Monomy Marketing is a JOKE!! Do not work here.

  109. anonymous says

    Fiserv, the worst I have ever seen or heard about from others who also worked at this company.
    Very high turnover caused more by the way employees are treated than anything. Pictures “Mean Girls” in a business/office setting where the managers or supervisors are the mean girls and who have to brown nose them and have to watch and rat out others (even make up stuff) to them to keep your job or to get anything

  110. anonymous says

    Also regarding Fiserv, in my county the county job workforce center that helps people find jobs along with other service wouldn’t recommend people to work at Fiserv because of the high turnover and all the horror stories they heard about them. This is a company that prepares and handles legal and financial documents, etc. You would want them to handle yours? Constant stream of inexperienced people because of high turnover, and they make money by screwing over their inexperienced short term employees with low wages and long hours to churn out stuff as fast as possible so the quality of the work suffers.

  111. Lori says

    I don’t know how Carnival Cruise Line didn’t make the top 5, I have never seen a business treat their people any worse than they do. Let me clarify, the Colorado Springs call center. Elementary rules; log on and off of your phone no more than 3 minutes after swiping the time clock, no more than 18 minutes per day of aux time (inactive phone time), and do you know how much a general reservations agent makes on a booking…10 cents! I was fired for taking 24 hours of sick time, 4 hours over their limit. I averaged 8 bookings per day, I had agents requesting my extension so that they could call me back, and I made friends with everyone that I worked with. Production, friendliness, sales, and loyalty aren’t important to them. Silly rules of minutes here, minutes there, 4 hours over on sick time, are important to them. I was going to be their best employee, now I realize that I can and will do better. I just don’t think that the Miami headquarters knows how the Colorado office is being handled.

  112. Calista says

    Bealls Department stores in Florida!
    Retail in general is a hard feild to be in, 9+ years experience,but I’ve never seen a company run like this. I’m still in shock at what management does to the associates.
    Everyone backstabes each other and they provide the worst training. There wasn’t even a training manuel for my position and the people training me said they had no idea what to do with me. My boss would tell me to say completly out of line things or punish my associates for completly unnecessary reasons just to keep them fearful of loosing their jobs. Thats one of the reasons why I quit.
    Within the year and a half that I worked there I didn’t meet anyone who liked their job or the company in general. I know of at least three people who are now alcholics and a dozen more with depression all because of the stress from this place.

  113. says

    schwans is the biggest mistake a person could do is work for this co. they lie , the cheat you out of money. you work 12-13 hrs. a day the pay sucks. instead of laying you off they find a way to fire you, so it is harder to get your unemployment. THIS IS YOUR NUMBER ONE CO.

  114. Susan Auty says

    In Massachusetts I would have to say On Process Technology is probably the worst company to work for. The company owner, Edward Barry takes advantage of the situation all the time. He knows that there are not that many jobs out there so he is screwing over his employees. First, no raises, PERIOD! I have worked for the company several years and I have not had a raise. They tell you that you have 4 sick days a year. Try to take them and find out what happens. You could be dying but they do not care. Take a sick day and you get written up (even with a doctors note). Take two sick days you will now be threatened to either return to work or be fired. The people who get promoted are usually the dumb bimbos with the big tits and tight asses. Ed Barry and his team of managers notices that and insures that bimbo a good job. There use to be company bonuses to work towards. Now they made those bonuses imposible to get. Superman would have a hard time doing it. Next, they cut our weekly hours from 40 hours to 36 hours. Those of us supporting families are screwed. The health insurance is horrible. You’d have to give up 45% of your pay for it. Well …. If you like that life, go for it.

  115. says

    Add Sovereign Bank (now Santander); they’re managers are enablers of abusive supervisors, the HR dept doesn’t care, and they’re loss prevention department tries to intimidate employees to force confessions, instead of giving due process to investigations. Moreover, the Newark-Elizabeth area is full of racism against non Portuguese, or Portuguese decedent employees.

  116. Rick says

    Stay away from Sales Tactix in Mesa, AZ. It looks good outside but is rotten underneath. A guy who hired in with me was gone on his second day. Then a woman disappeared in her first week. I lasted until the second week. The GM called me into his office and said I wasn’t producing enough. No warning or remediation. Just out the door. Then those bastards didn’t pay me my last check! That’s okay, I’m going to go to the U.S. Department of labor.

  117. says

    im a nurse who worked at different nursing homes and they’re all the same. i worked pm and night shift. and its all insane!!! At pm shift 1 nurse and 2 cna for 30-40 residents. on nights, 70 residents for 1 nurse and 2 cna. i know somebody from the state who make yearly checks to these nursing homes. but they cant do anything as long as the nursing home proves that the staffing meet the needs of the residents. just to think of it, again it is impossible!!! im starting my meds at 230 am just to give everybodys meds for 70 patients and this is not okay.

  118. Anonymous says

    The worst company I ever worked for was Anagram International in Eden Prarie, MN.
    -Bad, incompetent management
    -Always changing rules and policies on the fly, for no apparent reason
    -Sexual harrassement
    -Team leads and management regularly refused to help employees with their jobs
    -Plant manager set impossible expectations
    -Malfunctioning machines
    -Much more
    -They rewarded the incompetent and punished those who thought for themselves

  119. kurt says

    add Ferguson Enterprises..a international plumbing supplier to your list…they interprupt labor laws to suit their needs…they continuously intimedate employees who stand up for their legal rights under the law and terminate people who use or try to use these rights.they find it least costly to get their hands spanked than to pay for job related injuries through delay,deceit and denial.when someone gets killed at one of their locations due to lack of safety…then god hopes someone will pay attention to their violations

  120. Anonymous says

    Also, Anagram International, in Eden Prarie, MN, has been trying to get people to quit, instead of laying them off, in order to save money on unemployment. They target women and disabled people, mostly. While I worked there, I was refused help too many times to count. The management there helps who they want. They put on a big show, acting like they care if you succeed, all the while backstabbing their employees. One time, at a meeting, the trashy vice prisident, told the employees, whenever you people make mistakes, we sit and talk about you at lunch”. What a piece of garbage!

  121. Hyundai affiliates says

    Hyundai Motor Companies or affiliates are also bad. But it is only bad if you have a Korean Manager. As a Korean individual, it was worse because of a double standard of Korean and American culture.

  122. Anon says

    Add Makeup Store Australia. Treats staff like rubbish, the pay is horrible. Has no idea how to run the business, not one creative bone in there body. Staff beware and stay clear of this business DO NOT WORK FOR THEM.

  123. says

    They fired a woman with breast cancer because they didn’t want to pay her medical bills, they didn’t pay employees for work done and had them do it off the clock, they have racially discriminated against employees and were forced to pay settlements when found guilty, they were sued and made a settlement for using sweatshops in Saipan…I could go on and on about how horrible this company is. So don’t shop at Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack.

  124. Eponymous says

    As a longtime Verizon Employee I can vouch for the fact that Verizon belongs on this list. Forget about the BARGAINED FOR benefits this company has had a harassment and fire Union Members policy for years now. Pension deprived managers are lying and cheating, anything they can to fire hard working Union Members. They have also fired workers at Verizon Wireless for Union organizing. One Pro union Wireless employee for displaying the American Flag in his cubicle was reprimanded!

    This fish rots from the head with Ivan Seidenberg and especially former wireless head and Ivans Heir apparent Denny Strigl. Strigl is the most anti union business executive in the country.

    Do nto be fooled by the ads this company is run by MONSTERS. I will leave when the economy picks up and I can find a decent job

  125. Masseyboy says

    I think Healthcare companies need a list all to themselves. I worked for a horrible company in Knoxville TN (Covenant Health) that owned five hospitals in the East TN area. Talk about ruthless. They would mistreat patients, nurses, staff and even physicians. I once witnessed two physicians get into a fistfight in the OR over a scapel since the hospital had run out. They laid off people every other month and then would try to hire new staff when volumes picked up. They often fired people and provided no severance or refusing to pay PTO accruals. Since this is in the South, a little donation to the legislators would always keep them from having to obey federal employment laws. BEWARE.

  126. Newalta, Calgary says

    Newalta, a waste management firm in Calgary, is the worst company to work for. It’s a classic case of a company presenting a modern, attractive exterior while being totally inept and directionless on the inside. Their buzzword is “change”, which is really just code for “complete disorganization”. They do in fact lavish lots of “goodies” on their employees, so they feel they have the right to blame lower level people when things inevitably collapse due to neglect. But the real reason for those goodies is to provid a facade of caring; after all, these things are measurable, so as to hide the immeasurable employee disatisfaction that is everywhere.
    The upper management doesn’t care because they know that as long as waste is being produced out there, they will stay in business.
    Do yourself a favor and don’t give these people the time of day. Newalta should be renamed “Screwalta”!

  127. says

    They expect alot for nothing. They pay you minimum wage and expect you to never stop for a minute. They fire and hire alot of employees due to the treatment they give you.
    No thank you…look somewhere else PLEASE! Don’t waste your time.

  128. raspalena says

    I am shocked that Wal-Mart is not on this list. They are cutting hours, moving full time to part time and understaff departmentes just to make more money. They treat employees like third world countries in 1910s.

  129. says

    I had a problem with a supervisor and went to his boss. I was told that in order to protect the company, all supervisors back each other up! So I can’t talk to anyone if I have a problem. The Sodexho company has a great rules like one is supposed to be treated fairly and so forth, or so it says in the company hand book. Most rules and policies are never followed, only to suit bosses’ whims.

  130. says

    A company that should at least be on the top 10 list is Continuum Pediatrics. If your a nurse that’s okay. But if you work in the head office get out as fast as you can. The Company is owned by a pompous, new-money man who thinks degrading and insulting people for his own personal amusement is okay. He acts like a king and everyone has to kiss his butt. Luckily he is almost never at the office for he is either golfing or at his second him in Boca Raton. He leaves his company to his second in command who has been there longer than he has and is practically family in his eyes. Also from his family is his adopted, immature 24 year old daughter, who, by the way, never finished college and is emotionally unstable. She came a couple years ago and he created a recruiting position for her.
    The brother of the owner works in the employee benefits department. His brother’s son works in loans. His niece works as a staffer, and somewhere in that mix, I forgot, the person whose in charge of paychecks married into the family.
    If that’s not bad enough, everyone gossips like high schoolers, to the point where you cant trust ANYONE. God forbid you share a joke with your co-worker and someone walks by at catches you laughing because they will go tattle to the boss that your not doing any work! In a place full of adults I have never seen so much immaturity!
    To add to the ridiculousness a co-worker was diagnosed with breast cancer so she was out of the office quite often. She was practically demoted to file clerk, moved out of her office into a spare cubicle, the boss calls her “lazy” when she would take her time around the office and made a big deal when she couldn’t come into the office because she was not feeling well!
    The daughter can do whatever she wants and not have any consequences and blabs to the entire office (since it is her family) about her personal life, including sexual experiences. If there is an issue with her, rather than dealing with the problem directly EVERYONE now must change or adapt to a new rule. She belittles people to their face and they cant stand up for themselves because they risk getting fired.

    By far the WORST company ever to work for.

  131. says


    Sounds like alot of hostility towards that company.

    if I had to work at a place like that I would probably blow up the building.

    As horrible as this sounds why do you think Natzi’s hated Jews. Because of people like your boss. Their so bitter about what happened that they go overboard now with power. It’s sad.

    I worked for Continuum as a nurse and couldnt stand the nursing recruiter lady. She was a horrible person with poor job etiquete. She was the most unprofessional and impatient person i have ever been interviewed by. She had to at least been 23 – 24 and clearly didnt graduate any kind of college. Seeing that she is a mental case explains why she wa the way she was. The place is so unorganized with taking calls anc checking voicemails for the parents and call outs. It was rediculous. I will never go back to that nursing recruitment again. So beware all nurses looking jobs or to do homecare do not go through Continuum. They are horrible company who is family orientated and on high horses and think they wre better then I because Im nigerian and their jewish white jerks.

  132. Anonymous says

    M&T Bank should be on the list of worst places to work. Management seriously lacks any integrity and treats staff with little respect.

  133. says

    Biotissue managed by Dr. Wife’s, Amy Tseng, certainly needs to be added to this list. They are not affraid on using racial discrimination with any of their employees. They bash & talk horrible of their hard working employees. It’s a degrading work enviroment.

  134. Jeb says

    You guys are really overlooking HP. They have 300K employees at treat all but 100 of them like poo. I work at HP, and I WISH I worked at best buy. Seriously.

  135. says



    is an indian tv station, they have poor communication skills, get you to sign away your sick days or they will hold your cheque. they once tried to not give a pregnant woman her vacation pay when she was leaving the company.

    The worst, confused middle management you have ever seen. I hear from people that have been there for years that it was a good place, then they expanded and became corrupt.

    I just want to kill myself everytime I have to talk to the idiots that are in charge. They don’t care at all about people.

    Don’t work there!

  136. Anonymous says

    the worst company for me would have to be the job that i have now, and that is sally beauty supply. They not cary about all or there lower stuff ( sale people). It is the sale people that make the goals but the manage are the one who get all of the rewards. Not a good company when it comes to a lot of thing, but can leave in till i find something else.

  137. says

    PIC Solutions should be voted the worst company to work. Worst career decision of my life! The employees have no labour rights what so ever!The company constantly demoralise their employees on a daily basis, making them feel worthless, and unworthy, there can be no individual growth in this company. A sad example of foreigners exploiting SA employees!

  138. says

    No employee pension, no bonus, no glasses or dentist. work 9 hrs and get paid for 8! management lack education, selfish, lack leadership, no loyalty, WAY too much office politics, dirty workplace, health hazardous(chemicals and nasty solvents) saturating the air, you can’t breath in most days of the summer and the winter, 7 cases of cancer in one year! many skin diseases!…what else?

  139. Neighborhood Health Plan Employee says

    Add Neighborhood Health Plan to the list. They fire people for no valid reasons. Made everyone sign a paper stating that even with a doctors note you can be fired if you miss a day of work. The worst company ever to work for high pay but not worth it.
    Do not take a position in this company it’s a trap. almost 90% of Medical leaves in the company are related to Mental Health Break downs of employees related to stress at work. Employees have quit to go to another company with lower pay just because the 3 extra dollars an hour that you make is not worth the stress. I you don’t believe me try it you will be posting your comment also.

  140. Daniel says

    I currently work for Best Buy, and I have for some time now. In all honesty I can say that they are one of the best companies that I have ever worked for. The work I do is enjoyable and I feel as though managment in the store treats all employees with respect. Anyone that is complaining about best buy is just a lazy douche bag that doesn’t want to work anyways. As long as you do your job, you’ll be treated well. They have great benefits and the pay is good, I have no idea why anyone would think that it is one of the worst places to work for.

  141. James says

    Youngsoft and H2H in Michigan is the worst company to work.Many times they are not paying their employee. They are also involved in misuse of H1B visa’s. This company should be black listed and thrown out from business

  142. says

    I worked for a guy Lynn and he is the most unethical, lying POS in the world. Sharp Business Sysytems in Tempe, AZ hires the biggest retards in the world for management…especially this fat guy Rich who sits in his office and does nothing. The place sucks

  143. Miss Treated says

    Applied Wiring Assemblies Inc. in Georgetown, Ontario cheats people out of their last paycheck. Their slogan is “no shocks”. Your last paycheck will be one!

  144. says

    This department from the outside appears to be doing the job of human service. Wrong! The employees work with no breaks, the exempt staff get no lunch “if needed”. The duality of employee treatment is based on compliments made to management. Confidentiality in this company is a farst. HR provides management with “confidential” information from perspective employers. HR does not know that their job is to provide information to employees when the employee has concerns. HR deems informing employees of his/her rights as “providing therapy”. This is the worst Human service agency I have ever worked. Good luck to all working non-profit I’ll never do it again and will try my best to redirect anyone I know from working non-profit.

  145. says

    Worst place to work. Manager’s are under pressure to work 7 days a week on salary. The big married “mob boss” who show’s up once a month is a lush with as many cell phone’s for his many girlfriends and hitting on the lady customer’s with his fake 1970 pick-up lines. They have manager event’s that are nothing but beer pong parties, prostitutes and drug parties. most need crank to work as many hour’s required. Women beware of shopping for tire’s – they have no respect.

  146. says

    Banner is the worst place to work for at the facility I work at I have been denied transfers to another department at another facility. I have had interviews with the other departments managers and they seemed to really like me. I was told through the grapevine that they are not letting employees at our facility to make transfers because our facility is were they send people who are going to leave the organization. In other words this is were the medical staff “goes to die”. All transfers have been blocked by our hospital CEO according to some staff. it doesn’t matter what department your are in once your at my facility your stuck for life or you have to quit.

  147. Anonymous says

    Woodmans….Half the employs dont pass their 45 day probation for stupid stuff they make up but most just quite before that, 6 days a week. Cant ever ask off only self covers.. Management has a attitude of if you dont like it quite

  148. says

    I was hired after leaving a career to join PMSI. Promises were made. As soon as I started those promises went down the drain. MS and AD are the worst ever. They do not care about employees. They expect you to work 16 hours a day as they both do not have families or lives. I exceeded all requirements on my JOB however they decided after they hired us that they wanted the job in house so they just let us go no reason. No package and no thought to what we would do. They do not care, they wanted someone cheaper and local and they just eliminated me because that is what they wanted. I just started and gave up alot to join PMSI. What goes around comes around.

  149. Rick says

    H-E-B, a grocery chain in Texas, is one of the worst places to work for. You have to watch your back 24/7 because they fire like crazy. They have a huge turnover rate because they have bad management, bad hours, poor wages, and just to mention again the bad hours. They don’t let you count your till (money) and you have to take someones word for how much money you have. If you are short you are responsible, and can be fired or demoted based on how much even if its not your fault. You can only move up if you know somebody. Managers don’t care about what’s going on in the stores, and don’t really do much. They discipline for personal calls yet take them themselves. They hardly give you hours unless your full time which is very difficult to get. You can’t live on the wages. And they hire like crazy. Instead of giving hours to dedicated employees they hire 4-14 new employees and give them 4-12 hours. This place has pissed me off everyday that I’ve worked there.

  150. says

    Wow, its so sad to see so many organizations fall into the holes of unethical practices and poor leadership. Once a hard qualified employee comes along they are booted or forced out the door. I have heard bad things about Banner very sad for a large organization that could be successful with the right CEO and management staff, but they don’t hire and keep the qualified ones. I have to add Orthopaedic Center of the Rockies in Fort Collins, CO. A downfall of unethical practiecs by physicians and staff. Many employees working in fear, a CFO who is the mother of all roots of wrong doing for the organization and physicians to scared to make things right for the qualified who are forced to leave. My friends were put through verbal abuse since their employment, what does management do, nothing! A clinic growing to fast for their own good and soon to fall apart if the don’t fix the problems with past employees, violations, overworked and underappreciated hardworking staff. I never seen so many mean people in one buildiing who are supposed to provide quality patient care for patients having surgical procesures, scary!

  151. says

    Please add Walmart. I worked in the bakery. The assistant manager Kim Bly was running around trying to find a place to hide the single use bakery rack covers they use over and over when the inspector came through. What contamination! Also add to this never respecting the truth from employees. I am disabled I have Muscular Sclerosis and borderline heart disease. I take a strong drug daily to attempt to prevent a heart attack or stroke. I was scheduled to clean the light covers on a high ladder. Osha guidelines say anyone who would be in danger on a high ladder should never be asked to climb one. I was asked to climb one daily. Pay is horrible at Walmart. And they wont give you enough hours to be able to live. I would dare say a food stamp card and room at the projects would be a higher standard of living than they offer. Im out of there now, but I want to warn others especially with a disability Walmart in Winchester Tennessee does not care a single thing about disabled people. I saw a man on the general merchandise entrance side of the store sitting in a chair all day at the entrance on the other side was Peggy who is elderly and just had back surgery she was offered NO chair and could hardly stand up. There is a real sickness in the management of that store.

  152. says

    Swank Audio Visuals is the worst. They schedule employees to work extensive hours, and then threaten to fire them if they complain. They work days without sleep. Employees either develop heart problems are have heart attacks due to stress. If an employee has a family, they might as well expect to never see their children on weekends.

    Falling asleep behind the wheel is a common occurence for Swank employees. One employee even fell asleep and hit a police car.

    No lunch breaks … no sleep breaks. Working through weekends. Never ending furlough days. Overtime that dwindles the longer you work. Pay cuts. Demotions without explanations. Swank Audio Visuals is the worst!

  153. says

    That’s kind of funny how CSX Railroad didn’t make the top 5, given that they employ all the same qualities that the above company’s do and treat they employees with the worst harassment practices and fire them for the smallest of infractions. Speaking of moral, CSX employees have some of the worst moral i have ever seen out of a workforce due to this treatment.
    They also have a code of ethics hot line that is a total joke and fields phone calls through a third party and then you never hear of an out come and nothing ever changes.
    When one of the CSX management is found to be in violation of a sexual harassment or just harassment policy, their answer is they just ship them out to another terminal to work. Mean while if an employee is found to be in violation of the same policy, they are fired! check out for some of the true real life stories of the nonsense that transpires in this company. If the public and the share holders knew what really went on and how they fudge numbers to show trains on time and a profit, when the whole operation is in shambles, then they would be questioning the true integrity of this company and it’s operations.

  154. says

    I worked for an American job site for Friesland Campina DOMO, a Dutch owned company operating at a couple of sites HERE in the USA.
    This is a TERRIBLE company for any US citizen to work for. THEY USE employees that are hard workers, you will be paid exempt salaries ONLY because they will USE you for such EXCESSIVE amounts of overtime above the normal work week. They will put you in situations where you are harassed daily and you have to PUT UP with it . I worked for a YOUNG POOR SUPERVISOR for this company that should never have been promoted to supervision.

    I filed with the EEOC and HR against them.

  155. says

    Shoppers Drug Mart Canada where employees are paid minimum wage and they are intimidated and threatened by management. I can speak from personal experience when I was told “if you put one more thing in writing, you will be terminated”. A female employee was told, “if you can’t do this maybe we should find someone who can”. Another girl was told that she DIDN’T SMILE ENOUGH during her performance appraisal. Are you KIDDING ME?? The store managers are glorified STOCK BOYS who get paid management wages but they are so busy stocking shelves they have NO IDEA what’s actually going on in the store. Nor do most of them have ANY FORMAL MANAGEMENT TRAINING or any PERSONALITY either for that matter. And because the stores are FRANCHISED, the PARENT COMPANY does absolutely NOTHING to interfere to help improve the way the employees are treated except LIP SERVICE. Absolutely the WORST PLACE I HAVE EVER workede

  156. says

    I would have to say that the worst company in USA to work for is First Energy. They force employees to work off schedulede hours without the least bit of concern for how it effects their family life. As for have a family life, it is non exsistance in the fact that working when forced does not leave you any time at all to enjoy it. I can no longer even attend my 2 daughters sports activities because of them. I you to coach their teams now I can even go. For a $28 billion company we have the absolute worst healthcare. I am telling you 3rd world countries have better. They beat you down every time you turn around and without a cause.

  157. matt says

    i live in central new york and i worked at ollies bargain outlet in cicero ny and that place is a joke me and 40 plus people work hard to open the store in a month time and after that everyone quit and the manager didnt have the balls to tell the people working there that the business no long wants them. Dont bother trying to get a job there u would make more money at burger king or mcdonalds

  158. Anonymous says

    This company is the worst place to
    work they have job openings nationwide they will pay for you to relocate and then if customer not happy with you they will ask you to relocate again and will not pay for relocation if u say no that means u do not have a job any more

  159. says

    Based in Littleton CO. Doesn’t pay the freelancers and the head of HR is also the president’s wife, she constantly lies about when checks were sent and that they are in the mail. If you do a job for them it’s like pulling teeth to get a check in 30 days, if they pay. Stay away from this company. I saw a show on the DIY network about how the owners had there dream mansion built in Montana, but it seems they can’t pay up.

  160. killyourtv says

    OrionMultimedia LLC=can’t pay up

    Based in Littleton CO. Doesn’t pay the freelancers and the head of HR is also the president’s wife, she constantly lies about when checks were sent and that they are in the mail. If you do a job for them it’s like pulling teeth to get a check in 30 days, if they pay. Stay away from this company. I saw a show on the DIY network about how the owners had there dream mansion built in Montana, but it seems they can’t pay up.

  161. says

    The depraved economic climate brings out the worst in employees at companies that are backbiting sweat shops by design. The culture of law firms typically fosters the “every man (or woman) for himself” mentality and though they champion the “team player” in theory, you are not part of a team. You are alone. Additionally, if you are among those who are escorted out of the building after receiving the “I’m so sorry, this is your last day” speech from a poker-faced HR person, don’t count on your former colleagues to give a damn about you or recognize you for the good work you did while you were part of “their team”.

  162. says

    If you ever think to start a carreer with PSMi think twice, they offer you a great deal at first, but when you receive your first check oh surprise, they rob you!!! Bunch of thieves, they live from the honest worker, bunch of liers!!! >(

  163. says

    You can add LeCroy Corp in N.Y. to the list. They have a bad habit of over hiring engineers and technicians then laying them off without warning, recession or not. It seems the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing. Wages are now cut 10% across the board. I’ve run into many people who have been laid off there. The worst place I ever worked at. College grads looking to go into electronics don’t fall for their line of crap.

  164. yaya says

    I currently work for Best Buy as a seasonal P/T merch, guy or whatever you wanna call it. I’ve been working here for 4 weeks now and I gotta say that your comments are bang on. In my department, the management consists of an 18 year old power hungry supervisor kid, and a 30 year old arduous senior. Since I am the only new guy and pretty much at the bottom of the ladder (job until school starts back up in Jan), they harass you for everything. They expect 110% effort and want their work done within the first two hours. Understandable, but come on. They expect me to do all the pricing and corporate batches and cleaning by 8 am, while the supervisor and senior do nothing but walk around and make sure I’m doing work and then yell at me to work faster while they listen to their iPods and sing Christmas carols in the warehouse. I guess that’s in their job description. They also don’t give a crap about what you have to say. It’s basically their way or no way. So if you have any concerns or wondering why things are done this way not that way, they threaten to send you home (personal experience). I should’ve taken the job offer at Future Shop. Heck, during my interview at Future Shop, the manager even said that lots of people make the switch from Best Buy to Future Shop. At first I didn’t really take this thoughts seriously but now I understand. Stay away from this place if possible! If you must get a job here, then apply for sales. You pretty much do hardly anything besides help customers and don’t even bother to help the merch staff when they are not busy (which they are required to do by management standards but it never happens). Instead they just do a bunch of figures eights in their respectful departments while listening to music or texting.

    I never had a job where I got this angry with less than a month of working!

  165. Melnin WormSkirchik says

    I work and live in mn Iwas born at the hosptal thatmy dad worked in and my mom. anyways This Methodist hosptal. Stlouis park!Thee Wort Hosptal I have eve wokedi like three wait four postionsIm like What The heck nonprofit my8881 Talk about favortism, neptism and immatutr middle school!yep not Hr for the worker oh no its all about Vips and some DR grant it not all no but come on I left no joke


  166. Anonymous says

    Hoag Memorial Hospital in Newport Beach. Since the appointment of the new CEO and recently the new CIO, the working conditions have deteriorated. They recently escorted over 30 of the IT staff out the door and are now using Deloit consultants who have no clue as to the systems and processes in place. They don’t care about how long you have worked here or what you have accomplished. Overworked and understaffed. The IT transition is a failure and now they are scrambling to open a new hospital where they can take advantage of those employees too. They will lose more long term employees this year. Union doesnt sound like such a bad word anymore.

  167. says

    Please by all means include neiman marcus they are no.1 company they pay 9.00 hr returned merch. is cleaned with a lent brush a put back out for resale the ins sucks 3 paid days off a year no Holiday bonuses and management is a fuccin joke they steal from the company this company should be shut down the whole railroad company.

  168. says

    Zellers (HBC) store on Topsail Road in St. John’s, NL Canada is the worst employer I worked for. The staff get little hours, the pay is low, the store is very understaffed and very dirty. The lunchroom was unfit to eat in because it was very dirty. I advise potential employees to avoid this store as its a poor place to work and poorly managed.

  169. Down Periscope says

    DATROSE – avoid! – If you ever find yourself working for this company it’s a sign that wherever you are is as high as you will go. Expect all employees to live up to a double standard, horrid pay. Most contract companies take a portion of pay, work for Datrose and you’ll be sure to have nearly half of what you work for each hour going to them. mentality in DATROSE environment “don’t like it leave, we don’t care how educated you may be”

  170. Nathan says

    add Macys as well. They just laid off half their staff from several stores on Long Island NY. For no apparent reason other than they are thinking about their bottom line not the livelihood of decent hard workers. Shame on Macys and corporate for being so hard nosed.Macys also screwed some employees out of the 401k company match. They cut their hours by half (under 500) thus excluding these employees from getting a company match to their retirement fund based on a technicality! What a sneaky, smary company to work for. Get out while you still can!

  171. says

    Have to agree on Verizon. Been called a management employee exempt from overtime my entire career and never had a single person working for me. When it was GTE that wasn’t a big deal because OT was rarely required and when it was our bosses always found some way to compensate us. Since the “merger” the hours and workload have gone up and non-salary compensation way down. Some work 70 hour weeks every week.

  172. says

    Add Gray Research of Huntsville Alabama to your list. They were caught for falsifying themselves as a woman owned company to exploit a legal loop hole to obtain government contracts. Very underhanded group of hook and crook company. Will bully their employees to lower self esteem, short paychecks, distrusts people not from alabama.

  173. jeff b. says

    How can you have a job list like this and not include WalMart? One of the absolute worst when it comes to employee abuse and miserable wages/benefits.

  174. says

    GoodBye VM Comsource !!!

    You guys suck! You ran the company into the ground took all of our money and lied!

    I hope the management burns.. See you in court when WE show the labor board all of our documents.

  175. ross says

    do not waste your time – Avoid this Company: Silicon Mechanics. Very poor decision making and even worse upper level management.

  176. Sally says

    I work for American Medical response this is by far the worst company I have ever worked for…Sexual harassment part of the everyday environment by the supervisors. Medicare fraud on a daily basis they force us to submit billable paper work whether or not it’s legit, there benefits and upper management are virtually non existant and if you complain they threaten to blackball you with all ambulance comapnies

  177. says

    Please add Service Access and Management Inc. (SAM Inc) based in Huntingdon/Mifflin/Juniata County, Pennsylvania to this list. This employer just incorporated a rule that they will never be closed, so that employees can jeopardize their lives to make it to work during inclimate weather. They also changed their rules so that no employees may complete work at any time. If there is a snow storm and you can’t make it to work, use your vacation time….and then when it’s time for you to use your vacation time, just go to work instead of taking a vacation. Your family will understand! Oh this is an agency in the social services fields that provides services to families or individuals with Mental Health/Mental retardation. Great work SAM Inc!!

  178. says

    major typos…..SAM inc changed the rules so that employees may never work from home, forcing them to either use vacation or go unpaid when unable to make it to work due to inclimate weather. SAM inc is striving to be one of the 100 best places to work in Pennsylvania. I’m pretty sure that the way they should go about doing so is by respecting their employees, after all it is the employees that earn the money for the company

  179. says

    Please add Ogilvy Healthworld in London UK. Their medical education discipline is an unethical place of work, with no values. They disregard client funds and treat employees with disrespect. Ogilvy Healthworld- Medical education is one of the worst places to work for.

  180. Former Employee says

    Washburn Communication lied to employees about the company’s health, laying off new hires that had been working there for 3-4 months. I’ve also been told that they would conveniently forget promises made to employees.

    High employee turnover rate, a stifling culture, inconsistent management practices, frightened employees, and a wicked, manipulative, gossiping witch.

  181. says

    Transworld Systems is yet the worst Company to work for. Your so called manager steals leads from her team she is rude,nasty,insulting and a big liar. Don’t ever work for this Company they will steal you blind and promise you the road to riches with hardwork and your own money they fill their pockets with your money.

  182. says

    I also worked there and it wasn’t long before I figured out the same thing. The manager takes leads off your voicemail and portrays that she is the person to talk to. She is insulting,nasty,liar and a thief. A real witch. Don’t ever accept a position with the Company especially in Las Vegas.

  183. says

    If you have ever worked in IT for a healthcare company you’ll know that this can be the absolute worst job. Executive management lies to avoid conflict, middle-management simply pushes it down. There is no love in healthcare!

  184. Techie Joe says

    DO NOT work for Vitas Healthcare! A poor IT department to work for. You will work with the least talented people. The company hires for mediocrity, offering under-market pay, no perks and the basics in benefits. Sadly, as an innovator in it’s field, it is no pioneer in it’s IT department or how it treats its people. It has even less invested into keeping people as retention is a buzzword not a mentality. Constant exhibitions of the lack of care and support it has for its employees are demonstrated daily.

    Steer clear!

  185. says

    Flightstar Aircraft services in Jacksonville, FL is the worst company around. Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians. Too many layers of useless management. Too much top down management. Too bureaucratic. Get it?

    Front line department leaders in this company are the laziest people that walk the face of this earth and do absolutely nothing at work except trying to show off how good they can yell and manipulate each other.

  186. says

    Everyone should really take a hard look a Hannaford Bros. in the state of Maine. in the 80’s 90’s it was a company that cared about there employees. Now that they are owned by a forigen company they are trying to push out all there full time employees. this really needs to stop and they really need to have a union come in there and help the employees.

  187. says

    I used to cashier at a HFT in Glendale, AZ and let me tell you, that store and company are horrible. The assistant managers are all fat and smoke all day and try to get everyone else in trouble. They will rip you apart for needing to leave 15 minutes early but they come and go as they please. Last I heard, they ran out their store manager and district manager (in the same week)! Smoking and drama is all they do there and they are all over 40 years old!! The corporate office will not help or support employees but force you to sell warranties and try to intimidate you into thinking your job is in jeopardy. Terry is sneaky and shady and calls corporate on everyone cause her old husband has a store too, Sandra is fat and bi-polar and cries and screams about everything and uses her lesbian status as a weapon, Judy is a smoke stack chimney who mumbles about everyone, and James is about as dopey and spineless as they come. The cashiers are moody and the floor help are a bunch of potheads. Glad I am out of there and on to better things. If you shop there stomp your feet and get whatever you want!!

  188. says

    Do you know what this thread is? This thread is about 93 percent rubbish.

    I read comments like this, and although I do not, and have not, worked for anyone related to those 5 companies, I cannot help but look at this and laugh at the caliber of people posting on this site.

    Something I haven’t heard about is what I did, and what I was responsible for. People complain all of the time about what they put in and didn’t get out, but the reality to it is that it’s often sadly not the case.

    What most of these losers don’t get is that they are the reason it’s not good to work in those environments. I am a corporate trainer, and one of the top pieces of advice I can give anyone that has become disenfranchised with their employer is to find something to believe in and that you are responsible for your own happiness. If you don’t like the job, then leave before you hate it. It will be better on everyone. If you like the job, but are burned out, take some time off and get away for a bit.

    For those of you saying that someone ripped me off or treated me unfairly, then it’s your fault that you didn’t stop it. Don’t feed me a line of crap about how you weren’t selected, or that you “cant fight the machine” because this is the USA and you can sue someone over stepping in front of you in line at a Starbucks and win 60,000 dollars for it. Large companies like the ones discussed hear something is going down, and they are all over it. The reality to it is there is something else going on behind the scenes, maybe some unethical behavior on your part, that is preventing you from coming forward.

    If all of these stories about Best Buy and Home Depot, and the rest were true, they would be bankrupt from the $7,000,000,000.00 in class action lawsuits they would be paying out a year. Not to mention, the first time an attorney gets wind that this kind of behavior goes on they watch and if they see that it’s happening, the attorney will file for a class action lawsuit before he ever talks to someone.

    Also, if it is that bad, you can always unionize. Nobody in the US can stop that, that kind of stuff comes to a vote.

    The reality is, and I have heard it a thousand times when consulting to other medium sized business, that an employee gets hired, screws up, won’t take accountability for their own actions, blames every one else, and then all of a sudden they get fired and their employer is being racist – sorry but that’s just wrong. And the funny thing is, everyone on here posting about how horrible their lives are, well, you can probably read my comments and make parallels.

    Here is a noble thought. Grow up and take accountability for your own actions.

    Once you do that, those evil managers don’t seem so evil anymore, and those corporate rules, that are always changing, well you learn that those are changing because employees like you used to be keep jacking the system up and taking advantage of it.

    Please. I hope none of you ever re-enter the workforce. Please be ashamed and don’t teach your kids your work ethic. It would be better if they learned that from the public education system.

  189. Benji says

    The Home Depot isn’t bad anymore. They respect their employees and customers a whole lot more. I have worked there for about a year, and since we got Frank Blake, the company has tuned around… The store i work as a customer rating of 9.67!!! I go to school full time and they are flexible with my scheduling. I am part time yet they asked if I needed full time hours to afford school!!! Awesome

  190. says

    Terrible company to work for. In Vancouver, they fired a lady because she had missed time due to kidney problems. Also, the company promotes themselves as being the leader in the field of Health and Safety yet negligence by a crew led to the death of a 4 yr girl and a serious injury to her father.
    The company has kept tight lipped and refuses to address the issue in their safety meetings, instead, they suspend workers if they do not fill out their paperwork correctly.

    Also, lots of lies andbroken promises.

  191. says

    Ill tell you a worst company. Thats Dillards department store. Their qouta system is horrible. Its sad when we cant sell anything cuz we have no customers. No customers you get fired. No breaks,they think every employee is a theif. But the customers are mostly the theifs. They bully you until you quit. HORRIBLE PLACE TO WORK

  192. anonymous says

    Home depot store #6587 in Victoria,Tx is run by a store manager who maybe makes an appearance for 20 hours a week. Instead he schedules his managers to work 90+ hours a week. This man has worked with the company for 12+ years, but ask him a question and he just says “I don’t know” and walks off. His name is John Balderama. He only goes to work when we have upper management coming into the store. He is immature, has no work ethic, and only got his position by ass-kissing. In addition, there is this associate that kisses his ass in turn, we suspect they are having an affair. His name is Jeremy Saldivar. He has sexually harrassed every new female employee, it is documented, and nothing is done. He just texts on his phone all day instead of doing his job in Receiving. He got his supervisor fired by telling John to pull up how many times he clocked in late. You are considered late if you clock in 7 minutes after your shift is scheduled.
    John Balderama needs to be fired ASAP, he is a liablity to this store.

  193. loverboy says

    Add to this list the Law Offices of Michael Schroeder in Carrollton, Texas. Manipulates and then makes mistakes that he blames on you. He is one of the worst bosses to work for and he constantly sneezes on everything, ooohh

  194. says

    This huge UK company has had to close some call centres. Good.

    The best thing that happened to me was leaving that place. I got off my ass and got a degree and a good job I love.

    Anyway, Shop Direct/Littlewoods are a call centre based company that sells everything from socks to stereos.

    The staff are treated badly. There are too many middle aged, hormonal female dragons there. Whilst everyone is attached to a phone for 8 hours having call after call ‘forced’ onto them, these lazy people sit around drinking tea and filling their fat faces all day. They only stir to tell (publicly shout normally) someone that their call time average is one second over the average.

    You also couldn’t just take the orders. You had to try and sell other stuff the customer never asked for. The ‘computer’ would pull up items sometimes not related to the needs of the customer. I had to try and sell an old lady some pants after she bought some bed sheets. If your ‘add on selling’ rate is under 30 per cent you can get fired.

    And all for minimum wage!

    I just hope all of their disgusting prisons/call centres are shut down. Looks like they are doing their best to fold!

    The worst place I’ve ever worked by a mile and a great place for psychotic middle aged women who’ve been dumped by their husbands.

    Also when customers placed an order the computer would give a delivery date. We would give them that date but around 30 per cent of deliveries were late.

    Obviously, complaints come rolling in and we then had to tell them ‘within 6 weeks’! For trying to help a customer and contact the drivers depot direct I got in a whole world of trouble.

    The call centre staff are scum in their eyes and if the driver messes up and delivers the parcel 500 miles away they are not accountable and we cannot ask them when the customer can expect their parcel.

    I left after I told a customer that ‘I’ve tried to help you (a kids Playstation for xmas was gonna be delivered well after xmas despite her placing the order in November) but I’m not allowed to ask the depot when they will deliver it. I have to tell you within 6 weeks’. She said ‘That’s ridiculous’ and I said ‘I know, that’s why I’m quitting’. The call was recorded and I was given a ‘final warning’. I asked my boss if she could actually understand English and if she understood what I said in that call.

    I felt violated having to listen to that call. Like I was in the wrong. It felt like being quizzed by the Gestapo.

    All for minimum wage.

  195. Anonymous says

    Patten Caterpillar in Elmhurst Illinois. Political management lies to employees and throws former employees under the bus. I heard about one former engineer who they accused of blowing a big account when it wasn’t his fault then told other companies not to hire him.

  196. says

    QlikTech has a great product but it was the worst place I ever worked at. Can you say “Politics”. Unless you are part of the very small “in” click or should I say qlick forget about being a part of this company. Lots of pompous overpaid managers and executives who politic and manipulate numbers to try to make themselves look good and others look bad. Not to mention that every quarter, there is a major change, someone gets fired, hired, or some new system gets implemented. And then they try to make sure they win the “best place to work” award by hoping employees will answer questions positively to put the company in a good light only to get egg in their face when a paid consultant has to address the employees with the morbid survey results and say uh well it looks like we have a few problems that we need to address here. QlikTech just plain sucks.

  197. prsnip says

    Tririga worst company to work; fired lot of employees for no reason; spoiled careers of many many people;you can’t even make a job change once join this company your life is at risk all assholes working there especially this hcl f***ards

  198. says

    This Company is a so called “call center” job that trains most of its employees to work from their home office taking tech support questions for DirecTv customers. They are simply horrible to work for. From the six weeks of training you receive at your local college campus (done by a NEW trainer) to the awful at home supervisors who harass you online at the bottom of your computer screen. Yes, there are more than one watching your every move and they argue with each other about what negotiations you are doing for the customer you have on the phone. You are allowed It constantly locked up. Then you were yelled at for being to slow on the call times. Out of 25 in my class, several had quit before the training was even over. One was a retires FBI agent and one was a retired AT&T operator of many years. The best achiever in the class quit after we were all working from our home offices after a week because of the arguing and belittleing of the online supervisors. The online meetings we had weekly were brutal, Everything was never good enough and the stress was just unbelievable!!! DO NOT EVER WORK FOR N E W WORK AT HOME. IT’S AN AWFUL PLACE.

  199. Threatened says

    I worked for 3M for 38 yrs and in that time I told the director the qualifications of the manager that demoted me and he said,”you tell anyone what happened to you and I will kick your ass”, while the HR manager sat next to me and said nothing. Before that in a meeting with a upper level manager he used the “F” word to me in front of another manager and when I reported it nothing was done about it. I worked about 65 hrs per week on a project and a lady got the job I earned,”nepotism”, years later I found out she is the cousin of the manager that brought her in the dept. I was an outstanding employee that always did more than was expected. When I wrote the CEO after I retired and told him just some of my experiences I received no reply. Be ware 3M does not protect its employees from nepotism and when they are informed about it they do nothing. There should be no statue of limitations on firing people that willingly participate in nepotism.

  200. says

    Once upon time Best Buy used to be a great company to work for but now its a terrible place to work for…

    You are paid according to your GM’s race… There is A lot of nepotism and sexual favors for advancement……

    HR is out sourced and no longer services the concerns and needs of the employees

    Employees are often fired because of “SOP” an operating system thats followed by all company employees, however management and district consistently go against this so called “SOP”……

    The company harbors District, GMs, Managers, sups who are thieves, District, GMs, Managers, sups who sexually harass young women and men, District, GMs, Managers, Sups who lack ethics and morals…..

    They just continually cycle immoral men and women within leadership without promoting worthy staff into those roles….

    Stay away if your are a minority you will never get pass part time unless you help management steal or have a sexual relationship with one of them………


  201. Lou Williard says

    Augustine Consulting Inc-Small defense contractor run by a bunch of retired senior NCOs who could (or haven’t) had a real civilian job yet and don’t realize they can be sued for treating people like its boot camp. No managementor people skills (other then blowing smoke) and too many shady deals with program managers, not sure who is on the take. The mistreatment of employees results in several quitting often or so stressed out they do something to get fired. They also treat employees of other companies the same. Record keeping “errors’ result in leave and comp time not being calculated right, yet another possibly illegal act and fraud perpetrated by ACI, they have been sued by one of the big contractors for contract infringement and several employees for mistreatment, they may be under investigation now for fraud (just a rumor)-But don’t take the chance!DO NOT WORK FOR THESE IDIOTS!

  202. Anonymous says

    You think these places are bad try working for Duffy’s Equipment Service. I got in trouble for taking 2 days out of my 3 weeks vacation for my grandmothers funeral.

  203. says

    Carriage Services is The Worst ever company to work for. Most employees havent has raises in over 5yrs. Corporate level Regional Managers are never satisfied with anything. Always critisizing, never ANY praise or positive comments whatsoever. Last year was the last straw for me. Our location was down by 5 employees who quit. Yet, the rest of us 5employees raised 35000 for a local charity. We were in the paper and the news. I sent copies of articles with pictures and a letter from the Mayor thanking our location to a regional manager and Director of support. I never got a response back at all. Not a thank you a WOW…nothing. When I saw them I brought it up and just got a nod and smile as if I was speaking a foriegn language they didnt understand. My staff worked very hard even worked on our days off to raise this money. The only comment I got was why was our call volume down. Maybe because we decided to focus our attention to help our community by helping seniors live safe in their homes. Carriage Services is the most corporate greedy, negative company I have ever worked for in my life.

  204. And the winner is... says

    Regus Management Group is a Company that rents office space and is one of the worst companies to work for (check out what other employees say about the company on other sites using g o o g l e). The saddest part is that they are an international company and therefore they spread their foolish management, business and HR tactics throughout the world with unsuspecting people in need of a job.

    If you are thinking about renting space from them and becoming a client beware of their unethical leasing practices. Do your research before steeping int that place.

  205. says

    Carpedia is honestly the worst career out there for someone out of school. The company ought to be sued for some of their labor practices. Employees are flown on partners’ air points and given $35 dollar per diems in major cities. Salaries are peanuts. Turnover is so bad there is an average expectancy of six months per consultant. Keep out of Carpedia – it’s a terrible company to work for.

  206. J says

    Redman Technologies is the worst ever company you can possibly work for. i would rather collect litter for no money.

  207. says

    when i worked at vrizon in the training class the trainers were sleeping with have the young women not to mention doing and buying drug from people in the class and also the shorter the skkirt and more revealing the clothes the more they would help u move up the ladder. after training my brother passed away they told me because i was new i could not get bereavement and because i was too new i could not miss days because of the attendance policy..(my brother freakin died!!) so they told me if i choose to leave i would not be eligible for rehire….it was pathetic there they really left a bad taste in my mouth and i told and continue to tell everyone about them

  208. says

    these are caregiver positions and direct care staff….above and beyond is pathetic they are rude they talk badly about their employees they use people with disabilities to make thereselves rich…..if u ever have the unpleasantness of meeting them there are two unprofessional people in the office both woman who have no respect and think they know everything.the new beginnings hires drunk rn’s to take care of medically fragile people it was reprorted to the doh and nothing was done …do people really wANT THERE LOVED ONES TAKEN CARE OF THESE PEOPLE ITS SO SAAAD THIS IS IN ABQ BY THE WAY

  209. Joan Smith says

    the pay is not enough and the supervisers are 2 face the only good thing about the job is the satifaction you get out of helping the clients but dont exspect supervisers to tell you , u done a good job cause they dont apprieat u also they need to do more drug testing random not just when u first starty and there should be a limit to how many times your coworkers can go have a ciggerett and leave u to do thier job sorry smokers

  210. Joan Smith says

    dont work at skills group the pay is not enough and the supervisers are 2 face the only good thing about the job is the satifaction you get out of helping the clients but dont exspect supervisers to tell you , u done a good job cause they dont tell u also they need to do more drug testing random not just when u first starty and there should be a limit to how many times your coworkers can go have a ciggerett and leave u to do thier job sorry smokers

  211. says

    The most raciest company i have ever worked for, site managers lie to employees, they expect there workers to do a top notch job with junk for tools and force you to do things you are not trained for and do not supply proper ppe for some jobs you have to do. Evan supervisors get screwed over they made all male supervisors to go get a physical and none of the females. we work at a GM plant in Fort Wayne Indiana and they dont even respect us because of the managment there.

  212. says

    If you have ever worked for Sodexo, you know what i mean. I have a case against them for religious discrimination! Don’t let it be known that your’re Jewish!In fact, don’t let anyone know your Jewish! They will give you hams at Christmas time. Swasticas will appear on bathroom walls and you will be blamed!

  213. jenny says

    Worst place to work at is LTD Financial Services in Houston, TX. It’s a outbound/inbound collecting agency. I think it just ruined me!! Seriously!! You had to get certain amt of money before collecting commission check. Also, if you don’t collect money (which I didn’t), you can be fired. Of course, everything is all about money. My supervisor wasn’t supportive. Ugh! I hated her!! I actually walked out cos I couldn’t stand it anymore!! Worked there for only 3 months. Of course, all the other employees would complain. Hated that job from 2nd week. Anyways, funky hrs. NEVER got to see my daughter. Sad, sad, sad, miserable place. I HATE IT!

  214. says

    This company is a joke. Managers treat employees with disrespect and threats. If you tried to call HR to excercise your rights, an insider will contact the manager and then you get fire. Their products are a joke and don’t say you were not warned. Do not purchase any of their products because you will never get customer service results.

  215. says

    Humana should be the #1 company to work for. This company is a joke. Managers treat employees with disrespect and threats. If you tried to call HR to excercise your rights, an insider will contact the manager and then you get fire. Their products are a joke and don’t say you were not warned. Do not purchase any of their products because you will never get customer service results.

  216. Stuart says

    I would like to add Chevys Fresh Mex as one of the worst companies to work for. I spent over twelve years working there, bacame a manager, was lied to and had my “grandfathered” benefits taken away from me, and generally have nothing to show for all my hard work, except a bad back. Horrible company, poorly managed.

  217. says

    MV Transportation is my nominee for worst company to work for.
    Time after time they lie, cheat, steal, and work as far outside the law as they can get away with.
    Their main mode of operation is to undercut all other bids knowing the job cannot be done that cheap, then they cut cut cut and do the above managing the transporation industry into the ground.
    It’s a real shame they get away with it.

  218. says

    Prosource Suppy is the worst place ever to work. They treat warehouse employees like second class citizens and cheat them out of overtime pay. Avoid this place like the plague.

  219. Alex says

    Ryder Integrated Logistics is fast approaching the point where there being a employer not to work for where as four years ago they were a preferred employer.

  220. Sandra says

    Tried the United Nations. It has ALL the world’s worst business practices and the worst, most corrupt management (I use the term loosely) I’ve ever had the misfortune to come across.

  221. Looking says

    Add Carlo Inc. to this mix. A small company that has no direction and treats their employees like a bunch of cock roaches. Everyone is miserable working there but too scared to say a word as they would fire you. No health benefits, no benefits period. They just love to jack up rents and then scream at all the managers for high vacancies. Go figure. Very disorganized and behind the times when it comes to computer programs. do not work there. You are lucky if you actually paid your bonuses for lease up. Most of the time they give you an excuse for not paying you. The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. How they stay in business is beyond me.

  222. says

    Add Datafax to the “do not work for” list. Very high turnover. CDC bought Datafax and have systematically dismantled it to their loss. Datafax was a good company but it doesn’t exist any longer. Sales numbers have decreased drastically and upper management continues to make foolish decisions due to a lack of funding. They look for uneducated management so they can pay them as little as possible. It’s basically reselling public information over the phone. Telemarketing!!Straight commission for the “business developers”. I have seen grown men get a check for under $200.00 for a 2 week period. Pathetic company and poorly managed. Your sales trainers are motivated by keeping your commissions. Watch out!! Oh, and HR is a freakin nightmare. Novices at best.

  223. Jonathan C. says

    Brinks Inc., headquartered in Coppell, TX has to be the worst company where the upper management is white and the non-management employees are all minorities. They will go out of their way to accommodate anyone that is “White”. They have been known to lay-off whites from higher positions that they could not handle, and then get re-hired into other management positions that are easier for them to handle. This was never done for any minorities. They have also created part-time jobs for “Whites”, but their minority employees don’t get to work part-time. Their upper management is like 95% white, what does that tell you about the company.

  224. Nazario says

    Synnex is a horrible company not to long ago they hired nothing but illegal immigrants in their Glendale Heights distribution facility. Now they hire temps who don’t last too long cause of the low pay and get the run around when its time to become a Synnex employee.

  225. Justin says

    Accenture is one of the worst companies to work for.

    There has been quite a few comments on the net against Accenture’s core values. I just quit yesterday. Its the most wise thing I have done in my life. Its disgusting to experience and observe the horror unfolding in the company. Its just a matter of time when ACN will become another Blue-chip company loosing its clothes in public because of bad corporate practises.

    To those who are researching the company before you join them : These days having Accenture experience goes against you in the industry as the entire Tech services sector considers Accenture work culture to be appalling. And hence anyone from Accenture is considered as ‘AIDS’. I’m not being vindictive, just plain frank.

    You can bid you skills goodbye by being with them as it is never encouraged. I was in the Manager level after having extensive IT experience in the industry and a degree from Stanford. The politics practised by everyone from team lead and up have made the environment toxic. Which any imbecile knows is a recipe for disaster.

    Now that I work for a fantastic financial institution, I really pity the ones still stuck there due to the recession.

  226. says

    Champaign illinois. Rude ass staff and rude ass co workers. The bossman comes off as real cool. But he’s a complete tool. Wont pay you for weeks and when he does it’s always under the table. I finally quit after a few months. Glad i got my college degree and got outta there.

    Shady business practices and lies all the time.

    take the zyggy roll and shove it!

  227. says

    Douglas Elliman Property Management is the worse company to work for !!!!!!
    Should be in Top 5 Worst Companies to Work For !!!!!!
    It just sucks to be there !!!!!

  228. says

    What the person above said about synnex is TRUE! I worked for their H.R. Department and they are some real underhanded people. I personally can say that I was told by an HR manager that they fight EVERY persons unemployment claim they can . What kind of people do that ?

  229. Slick Rick says

    I really think that the worst company to work for is micro solutions enterprise in Van Nuys, CA 91406 this company pushes the employees to the limit. There are about 35 different toners that you need to assemble together and they expect you to learn all of the parts names and procedures on how to put them together within 3 days. I think that they are taking advantage of the situation of the economy. Most employees clock out but they don’t take their lunch and of the 2 shifts, the second is the worst one. Supervisors see the employees working while clocked out and they say nothing and if you complain all they tell you is that there are no jobs out there. They never give you raises and there is a lot of verbal abuse. Basically, you get stuck making minimum wage for a long time if you don’t quit. When you go to the bathroom they time you to see how long you take.

  230. says

    Please add Rackforce networks.
    6 days on straight with no OT, as well as 3 nights, a partial day off, a day shift, a partial day off and 2 more nights makes for NO social life.

    I guess I’ll start sending out resumes while on shift like everybody else does. That or go cry in the corner…

  231. says

    I’ve worked for Home Depot and CVS, and I have no idea how you put Home Depot on your list but not CVS. Especially for managers, the difference is NIGHT and DAY!

    Home Depot managers have a lot more help and a lot more pay, with less stress than the B.S. the CVS managers have to go through. CVS bascially works their managers into the ground doing “hourly” work but only compensating them as “salary”. If you want to manage a CVS, be prepared to work up to 60 hours a week and only get paid a salary wage. They run skeleton crews, have high prices, and bad service, and YOU will be blamed, even though it is all their policies that keep it that way. They don’t care, as long as their profit margin looks high at the end of the day, your job is to take everyone’s B.S., from employees, to customers, to your bosses, and to work your arse off with not enough compensation. CVS sucks, I’d take the Home Depot job over CVS any day.

  232. Mitch says

    You have to put Trugreen up here. I will bet you Trugreen is worst than any of these companies. 60-80 hour work weeks and over time is half time not time in a half. I worked 65 hours one week and I only worked 4 days and got 20 extra dollars for overtime when I first started. Most trucks have no a/c and guys are walking huge lawn for little cash. The person that wrote this article if you write another article you have to add trugreen. I went two days in a row without seeing my kid.

  233. Sarah says

    Global Compliance is an ethics company, but abuses ethics itself.

    They give employees sick days, but employees have to schedule the sick days two weeks in advance or it will count against their performance review. If an employee is in a wreck and in a coma, that counts against the employee but does not affect their review. If the same employee has another severe situation in the same quarter, it does affect their review. Someone needs to do something about these companies who are screwing employees. They’re all doing this because they have a huge pool of unemployed people to choose from. Unfortunately, they will never find anyone who does not get sick or have urgent situations occur. What a bunch of stupid idiots. It will all come back on them someday when the economy gets better and qualified people do not want to work for them because of their reputation.

  234. Sarah says

    I wish there was some way we could all walk away from these companies at the same time on a certain day and leave them in a lurch. Talk about slavery. There are many kinds of slavery that have to do with race. Companies in the US today are unethical and greedy, and this will be the downfall of our country (we are on our way). I remember a time when employers treated employees like kings, and the employees loved their jobs. Now, everyone hates their jobs, but they are trapped due to the economy.

  235. says

    WEll first…they can’t pay their bills on time and it was embarrassing
    to not have the things you needed to run a business until the invoice got paid.( Also if someone shows up to turn off the lights!!! )They paid so little and except so much….Someone making 9.50 a hr shouldnt be charge of a 30,000 dollar safe. They treated their employees like children not adults. they don’t know what makes money and hopefully someone will buy them out….a “BIG” company shouldnt need a loan to help buy theaters.

  236. says

    I actually worked at Tristan and i must admit, it was one of the worst place i ever worked at. First of all they really underpay all their staff. They also sell their merchandise for way too much that it is worth. The quality of their product doesnt match stores like Zara which deliver quality product for much cheaper.

  237. says

    They will tell you there’s an open door policies and when you go to HR they tell on you to the manager you have a problem with they talk down to you make you feel like everyone hates you then tell you you’re doing a good job. I’ve never felt so bad working for a company. I look at it this way – if you’re going to treat me like this, then pay me more. Instead they cut your hours when you get holiday pay there is this Homer Fund, which is a joke. You donate money the a fund, but when you need help, like if your wife loses her job, they make you go through loops. I thought sweat shops were only in other countries.

  238. says

    A very delusional bunch of idiots running the ship, only they don’t know where the oars are! Micro managers abound, laws are broken, a supposed “We save lives every day … everyone matters” mantra. Hah! Just try and find one human in the entire managerial hierarchy. You are nothing more than a “unit” that, when they’re “done with you”, well, you’ll be shown the door with no regard for your contributions.

  239. says

    Durham Truck and Equipment in Pickering Ontario is absolutely one of the worst places to work. This company treats their employees like crap. The turn over rate is ridiculous. They let people go with no reason, outwardly favor employees, yell, scream, intimidate… it is the worst place ever! I think they feel they are letting their Italian heritage make them feel like they are running a mob. That is exactly how they act. Totally abusive! The HR department is a joke.

    One of the owner’s daughter is a manager and has this crazy dream of being a singer and she sucks. They even have her perform at company parties: nothing like shoving it down the staff’s throat. Like staff really want to watch the bosses daughter?

    Stay away from this place. It’s the most stressful place ever!!!

  240. Fed Up says

    Metcash Trading Limited in Australia is up there on the list. Unethical, manipulative bullies and well known as a bunch of arrogant cowboys in the industry.

  241. says

    I left Cablevision in good standing. I was laid off with 15 people. I was talking to the HR rep and told them i was thinking about going on disability. The HR people must have known a layoff was supposed to happen so they told me to just go on unemployment. So I followed their instructions, after all it was “senior” management giving me the advise. Well while on unemployment my disability worsened so i applied for state disability and was awarded it from the state. The disability onset was one day before i got laid off. The hr rep refused to put in a disability claim with the company. I was to be paid 60% of a 67,000 salary for two years. That would have been $80,000.

    The only reason I can think of is that the more claims they put in the higher their rates are. The big claims they just lie and tell give people wrong information. So I lost out on $80,000. These are the kinds of people that are working at Cablevision. Sadistic and ruthless. It’s amazing how they can live with themselves after taking advantage of the disabled Americans. I guess you don’t get to be a 3.3 billionaire by being a nice guy. Definitely one of the worst companies ever to work at. After all I am just protecting the public.

  242. KFB Slave says

    Add Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance Company (KFB) to the list. The entire organization (and I use that term very loosely, considering there is no “organization” in that place) is led by a bunch of clueless wonders. It’s a chaotic mess with high turnover rates and extremely low morale. Ask anyone who works there and they will tell you (with a grim look on their face) that KFB is dysfunctional. Not much else to say, because the more I think about that place, the sicker I get!

  243. says

    I thought I had seen it all till I was between jobs and was sent by an employment agency to Transcor Inc of Bensalem, PA.

    The owner had the stupidity to call a meeting of the employees and tell them it is company policy to schedule two weeks in advance if they were going to be sick. He tells everybody what to do, but is totally unable to show them the way he wants tasks done.

    One time the electricity went out in the building and he went to Home Depot and got miners lights for the workers to use so he wouldn’t lose man hours. He does not provide heat in the winter in the warehouse. If an employee becomes ill from the cold he badmouths that employee. He requires the employees to be in attendance before their shift begins each morning and refuses to pay them for the time. The warehouse had a total of thirteen employees five of which were supervisors – go figure. If the owner doesn’t like the way the warehouse looks he walks through the aisles and throws trash like a child and expects the employees to pick it up after him.

  244. says

    Stress factory! They are very impatient fast paced, and offer no employee break-in period. Expectations are unreasonable, anal about administrative tracking. I had no complaints brought to my attention in my first week. Then I was fired for not getting up to speed quick enough. Perfect example of how corporate America has destroyed “the dream” and our economy. Workers have no rights in America, like Europe.

  245. says

    this is the Red and Yellow DHL trucks, they also have 26ft straight trucks. Not to sure if your familiar with unemployment in FL is at 13% highest inthe nation…. so when a job comes you take it.
    They also told me if you worked overtime you would be compensated. With weekends off and an avg of a 9 hour day promised with 1 hour lunch so your working approx 8 hrs a day 40 hrs a week. Thats $13.75 an hour in FL thats not all that bad. The problem is its far from 8 hrs a day its more like 10 plus 12/13 on monday and you travel 300 400 miles a day back and forth over a large area for deliveries and random 1 hr call in pick ups you do not have time on most days to take a break.
    Managers dont care… :”its the way it is be happy you have a job” and they do not pay overtime. Im looking to contact an attorney for a class action as this cannot be legal… i am not a contractor or a vendor, I am an employee and there has to be overtime rules and legal rights. We have progressed too far as a society to allow people to work for free on a flat rate. I mean isnt this why unions were born?
    It is insult to injury when the owners show up in 65k trucks, business suits and expensive watches and the excuse for no raise or benefits in the economy… they are like latino miami gangster wannabees…. and this is by far the worst company I have ever worked for direct hit logistics dh partners… they keep changing names because everytime we go to international or macco to pick up trucks at the shop they never pay the bills…. my only hope is that someone reads this before they have to live the lie for themselves.

  246. says

    I worked at Menards for 6 months. as an Dept assistant manager. I applied online. Now they were in the process of building a “new store” about 25-30 minutes from my house. So The facility they had me at was 1.5 hour away. They kept promising me to transfer me once the store was built. (the store was opened about 1.5 or 2 months in) gas was beating me up. so i confronted my store manager about fileing paper work to transfer me to the “new store” he said he would no problem. He never transfered me Then because i was hired in as an assistant manager (but be bumped to a manager once i completed my training) okay I have a B.S. in business administration. Now like most professionals usually if you put your degree on a resume they trust you. NOT MENARDS. my degree i framed it in a 120 dollar custom frame. it does NOT open in the back. so they had to have a photo copy. they could not photo copy it. so they had to BREAK the glass on my frame they COMPLETELY wrecked the frame to get it out to photo copy the damn degree. I had to pay ANOTHER 120 dollars out of my pocket to get a new custom frame. When I confronted the manager about paying for it he laughed. He said “well i didn’t mean to break it and corp. has to see all new starting workers degrees.” I didn’t wanna bring in the degree because i was afraid they’d damage the frame. I offered telephone numbers to my college they could call and my transcript which says at the top THE STUDENT SUCESSFUL COMPLETED THE DEGREE. nope gotta photocopy that degree. Next you got hours at Menards- figure 50-60 hours. doesn’t matter time of year or weather your putting in stupid hours. I worked there during the winter. it was so bad(Ohio winters) that on the way to work there was 5 semis in the ditch and/or overtuned. I called my boss before leaving i asked if the store was even going to open and he wants me there. he said YOU WILL BE HERE OR YOU WILL BE FIRED SLAMMED DOWN THE PHONE.
    staffing-i was assistant manager so i was over depending on the day 3-4 people depending day and time of day. the corp. office would want the facility clean and organized which i understand. Customers would come to me and ask questions (which i understand) but when you got a total of 5 employees for the largest dept in the store. you can’t take care of the customers and clean and organize at the same time.
    management-store managers and store assistant managers were absolutely terrible. probably worst I’ve ever scene. They flat out tell you “I’m not here to be a friend or buddy. I got stuff thrown at me cause they were so pissed off.” I got called names verbally. Then Menards have a 1 by row. they’d bring in a 4000 lb “bundle”(if anyone worked in a lumber yard or Home Depot of Lowes you’ll know what a “bundle” is) now they have upstairs and down stairs where you stack it now not only you gotta stack it upstairs and downstairs it must be stacked nice and you gotta take out the garbage bent or bowed pieces.
    Now the part that pissed me off the most. Now Menards has “sales” and “price adjustments”(prices on stuff going up and down) each week. which is fine. but I’d spend 3-4 hours a day changeing price tags on stuff both inside and outside cause they’d literally would change prices on stuff daily and the i couldn’t get anything done.
    Then I had some “seasonal” stuff. which we had to do what known as plan-o-grams(which is where you set up racks and stock it) which it sounds easy but this takes HOURS UPON HOURS. but corp wants you to help customers,clean/organize plus to d this. the final thing was when the store assistant manager was ripping my tail about not getting my daily duties done. HOWEVER i spent 4 hours adjusting prices because corp can’t either hire a crew to do this all day or just leave it 1 low price all the time. I stated to the store assistant I can’t do 100 things. then he asked how much stuff i helped sell(to customers) it was way under my goal. i said I can’t sell and do adjust prices all day. just bottom line: Don’t work for Menards

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