The 7 Best Money Saving Extensions for Chrome

chrome extensions

Deciding which browser to use when surfing the net is all about what the browser can offer. If you shop online, adding these extensions to Chrome will make it the most powerful browser on your computer.


This is a very simple but very powerful way to track your money. Simply enter your income and your expenses. You can tag each entry and CashBase has graphs so you can easily see where you are spending your money. It can also handle multiple accounts like checking, saving and PayPal. This makes it easy to quickly decide if you can afford the item you just stumbled across on eBay.

Craigslist Peek

Craigslist Peek is a great extension for comparison shopping. So much time is spent clicking on links that sound like what you are looking for only to discover it is something totally different. Each entry gets a short description and a photo gallery to help you more quickly locate what you are really after. You can include nearby cities so you don’t have to repeat your efforts on multiple pages to find the best deals. Craigslist Peek works with Facebook Marketplace and eBay as well.


Hipmunk helps you find the best flights quickly and easily. The cheapest flights often have a lot going against them like long lay-overs, horrible departure or arrival times or way more connections than necessary. Hipmunk has built in sort functions that let you weigh the factors most important to you. With Hipmunk you can easily find the best flights not just the cheapest.

Shopping Buddy

When you visit a merchant site, this extension will display a rating so you know how reputable they are. It also has a link to reviews to help you decided if you want to do business with them. Most helpful of all, if the merchant site has a Google checkout promotion running, it pops up window with the details so you are sure not to miss out on on any special bargains.

Chrome Deals

This extension works with The site has so many categories and so many deals it can be difficult to find the best opportunities for you. This extension is just a button in the navigation bar that expands out to show the latest deals that have been uploaded by category. You can easily customise it so you only see deals in the categories you want and it updates every half hour so you won’t miss out on any of the hottest deals.


Groolu is an indispensable Chrome extension for coupon shoppers. It updates every hour with the latest coupons from Groupon, Tippr, Zozi, LivingSocial and Dealster. The Groolu button sits in your navigation bar and a “NEW” label appears when it has found new coupons since the last time you clicked on it. You can limit the search to specific cities and when you click on a coupon you like, it takes you straight to the merchants page.


InvisibleHand is an extension to help you make sure you get the best deal possible. It works with over 200 retailers in the US, Great Britain and Germany. It also supports hundreds of travel and airlines sites. Suppose you are looking for plane tickets to Paris at your favorite travel site, InvisibleHand is simultaneously searching other sites for cheaper tickets. If it finds a better deal elsewhere, a pop-up appears to let you know.

And if you like these, then you’re going to love these browser based money management tools where you can keep on top of your income, manage your expenses and tweak your budget from the comfort of your browser – it doesn’t get any easier than that!

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